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MC Coldsteps




Genre: House/ Funky / Afrohouse / Amapiano

The Originals festival 24.07.2021

MC Coldsteps is without a doubt one of the leading hosts from the UK underground collective. He smashed through the UK Funky scene with his iconic ‘Man Of the House’ lyric and headlined worldwide events such as Garage Nation, The Originals, Matts BBQ and many others.

Also, known for his ‘I will be there, respek my house’ brand routing from South London, since 2007, Coldsteps, has paved the way for others using his unique style of spoken word along with his vibrant energy allowing him to engage not only as a host but equally a high energy performer.

Being, one of the founders and pioneers of the UK afro house movement Coldsteps has been smashing up dance floors, online streams along with colleagues, Supa D, Pioneer and many others. He is a regular guest on Kiss FM, Afrotized, Housupa, Rinse FM, and all other online streams & airwaves.

Now, ready with a huge line up of forthcoming releases on various labels and a A&R consultancy in progress, 2021/22 will be seeing nothing but fire from Coldsteps.

DJ Supa D




Genre: Afro House / Amapiano

Supa D | Pioneer | The Originals festival 24.07.2021

Original’ by name ‘Original’ by nature, DJ Supa D is without a doubt one, if not the leading figure in the UK Afro House /Amapiano movement in the UK. 

Crowned, not only by his achievement this year as the best DJ at the UK Entertainment Awards but, equally recognised by the Guardian Newspaper & the Evening Standard as one of the most exciting artists of 2021. 

One of the most prestigious DJs on the circuit, and recognised worldwide for his endless internationally performances and, mixes for major compilations ‘Timeless Anthems,’ on Jetstar records ‘Rinse FM’, & ’Ministry Of Sound’.

HouSupa Records, his brainchild, his baby, is without a doubt one of the most exciting, ground-breaking record labels for 21/22, laying the foundation…. the birth for what he sees as the future and the platform for up and coming artists and the way forward for the underground UK dance music industry.

Already, paving the way with the signing of his remix of King & Queen with fellow colleagues Mr Taffa & Lush Kells; too Sony which has shone light on the commercial viability of the Afrohouse & Amapiano movement.

Also, as a promoter, selling out promotions in record times such as Originals, House Warming, Afrotized plus cementing the foundations with fellow friend, colleague & soul partner in music, DJ Pioneer with SOTU Recordings & partner Coldsteps with their outstanding live performances & regular guest appearances on Kiss FM & 1Xtra, embracing the pandemic with ground-breaking live streams.

Very much in the background, is the Hackney 16-year-old working boy, working in a record shop, learning his art from Jungle & Garage; he is truly a worldwide inspirational artist, a creator, paving the way for a new generation. 

MC Sharky P




Genre: UKG / Grime/ Hiphop


MC Sharky P, one part of the multi award winning UKG group, (DJ Pied Piper and the Masters of Ceremonies), famous for the No1 UK chart single “Do You Really Like It?’ and more recently his solo project ‘Purple Label’ mix tape.

Sharky is without a doubt a pioneer of the UK music scene, he has helped pave the way and inspired, many of the young MC’s of today with his lyrical flow and unmistakable hooks and the accomplishment of huge chart success.

It all started back in the 90’s on Ice FM where the West London representative took the game from simple lyrics to actual bars, now headlining all leading garage events and toured in the biggest clubs and countries Worldwide.

2019, is set to be a massive year for Sharky P with forthcoming collaborations with Scott Garcia, Antix Hybrid Theory, Dx3 The Entertainer, Dizzle Kid, Kojo Funds, Beau Musiq plus the launch of his brand new Red Velvet Mix Tape.

When u hear de de de…. he’s coming!





Genre: UKG/House & Garage/RnB/Raregroove
Sunshine Daze Pied Piper with Kofi B & Mr Buzzhard

Mr Buzzhard started his hosting career on the Reggae and Soul circuit before breaking into the garage scene, not only is he known for his unique hosting style but also as a DJ is his own right.

A cross genre DJ playing a diverse range of styles such as House & Garage, Deep House, 80's Soul/ R&B, Rare Groove, and Old Skool. Not only has he been the voice of raves and radio adverts, but also a favourite for leading artists providing personalised jingles, a household name at most leading Garage and Urban events, his performances at some of the biggest and best club nights such as ‘Numb Nums’, ‘Exposure’, Twice As Nice’, ‘Pure Old School’, ‘Back 2 95’, ‘Sunday Sessions’, WorldDance’, ‘Stush’ & ‘Bliss’ has lead him to not only being a successful UK artist but also established on the International circuit. His International events include ‘Dance Valley’ (Amsterdam), ‘Sweet’ (Munich) and other International countries such as north and south Cyprus as well as touring with MTV in many cities such as Germany, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Poland and many others.

Buzzhard is known for having a great rapport with any audience he works with; he has a unique ability for making any crowd feel important and most essentially entertained. Also Famous for his radio presenting which started on ‘London Underground 89.4FM, he soon became a radio host favourite and had additional guest shows and residencies with ‘Passion’, ‘Shine879’, ‘Centreforce’, ‘FreekFMLive’ and ‘Livefmuk’. Show that he is a well rounded and talented artist

Mr Buzzhard has joined forces with Worldclass management to extend and take his career to another level professionally. His future with the support of WCM consists of further events, production and various other projects. So watch this space....

Godfathers Of Garage




GENRE: House & Garage / UKG

Godfathers Of Garage are UK House & Garage connoisseurs Norris Da Boss Windross & MC Creed two of the most reputable founders and innovators of the UK Garage scene.

GOG come together to create a unique fusion of house, garage, original grooves and innovative vocals in a perfect combination, appealing to all types of UK Garage lovers.

Richie Dan




Genre: House & Garage
Richie Dan - Call It Fate (Official Video)

Richie Dan is without a doubt one of the most outstanding contributors to have blessed the UK Garage scene. His infamous tracks 'Call It Fate’, ‘Temptation’ & ‘Over Here’ are still some of most iconic garage tracks to date. Richie’s style and presence is without a doubt one of the most unique, captivating performances which is enjoyed at events worldwide.

unknown mc




Genre: Hip Hop / UKG

Hailing from Stockwell, south London –Unknown MC has been involved in the music industry since the 1990s. His was and is still a member of Legendary Hip Hop group Hijack signed by the actor director and famous Emcee ICE T from Los Angeles to Warner Brothers in the USA the only UK Hip Hop act to do so. The group became the massive in the UK and Europe releasing the album "The Horns Of Jericho" and going on three world tours with Ice T.

Working with his brother DJ Pied Piper, Unknown MC was influential in bringing their rap influence into the garage forum, before working with seminal UK garage artists MC Creed, PSG and Valarie M to form garage group Da Click. They were one of the first garage acts to top the UK National charts at no. 15 with the single "Good Rhymes" signed by Pete Tong and Phil Faversham to London records in 1998

In 2001, the number one smash hit “Do You Really Like It” dominated the UK charts and the UKG industry. Signed to Ministry of Sound and Relentless Records by Shabs and Ben Cook 'The Masters of Ceremonies’ (Unknown MC, DT, Melody & Sharky P) and DJ Pied Piper track was being playing in every club, house and car worldwide. The track went on to sell over 475,000 copies in the UK alone!! A true all time UK Garage classic and Ayia Napa dance floor filler even to today.

Unknown MC is undoubtedly, one of the most energetic, skilful performers to bless the UK Garage and UK Hip Hop industry. His vibe is all about originality, energy, creativity, love and having fun.
You can catch him up and down the country, pioneering his sound and newest projects which are coming to a speaker near you very soon!





Genre: UKG /Grime / Hip Hop
MC Vapour/Stormzy/Craig David/Shola Ama -Kurupt FM Take Over (Mista Jam BBC 1Xtra)

Vapour is an internationally recognised artist, born and raised in the UK, writing since the age of 13 and becoming a member of local pirate radio station ‘Force Fm’. It was here that Vapour began to create an image for himself as an energetic, exciting young host that had an ability to amuse and entertain a crowd with his charisma and witty banter in a humorous yet clever and intelligent manner.

quickly acquiring a vast listenership and a dedicated Fan base, he was soon collaborating with a producer from a local record label producing a track called “Move your Body” which went on sale across Europe and sold 5000 copies over the first two weeks and was included on two mainstream compilation CDs.

Vapour then joined forces with ‘UnKnown Terrorists’ (UK) and became involved with various radio stations. Appearing on leading pirate stations such as ‘Flava Fm’ and DeJaVu Fm, As Vapours Talents developed scenes like grime and dubstep were evolving and as Vapour began producing his own music and his style began to change, he found himself writing more hip hop, making backing tracks to go with lyrics he’d written and thinking of choruses to work with the verses, MC Vapour was becoming ‘Vapour the Artist.

Signed to independent label ‘Peromi Records’, he was commissioned to write a 14 track album. 22 tracks in all were written over the course of the year and’ The Taylor Made Album’ was put together. He was quickly becoming a recognised artist in his own right with appearances in magazines such as ‘Blues and Soul’,’ RWD’, ‘Hip Hop Connection’ & DJ magazine.

Vapour decided to become a independent artist, after years of watching and learning, he began to produce his own mix-tape using tracks he had made at ‘Peromi ‘ and additional self produced tracks . His début Mix-tape ‘Taylor Made’ was released as an unmastered mix, He saw it as a way for fans that had missed his work to catch up with where he had been and the rapid changes Vapour had returned with.

His latest 3 albums, the now rapidly selling 'V=MCs SCARED' from 2009, followed by 'Bohemian RapsofV' in 2011 and his most recent and best release so far '2 EYES IN BRiTAiN' have put Vapour at the head of his game as a writer, producer and self engineer. He has become an international, underground inspiration to literally thousands of people all over the world. He is without a doubt one of the most talented, accurate, charismatic, Highly respected and entertaining artists of our time.

sofi mari




Genre: DnB / Jazz / Dubstep
Advance Now By SophEye

Known to her hometown peoples in Miami, Florida, as Sopheye Sofly; this vocalist enters a whole new chapter of creativity as Sofi Mari. Having been an active vocalist and emcee for over ten years back in the states there is no shortage of performance and recording experience for this jazzy soulchild. Sofi Mari sings and rhymes inspired by music of all genres with a deep love for bass-heavy tunes. She has brought her talents over to her birthplace, the United Kingdom, to share and grow with her listeners. Her repertoire includes releases as 'Sopheye' from drum & bass labels such as: V Recordings, Bassdrive Tunes, Intrigue Music and Miles A Head as well as a 'future soul' style of song with her latina flair on Atlantic Connection Music. Be sure to watch this space as Sofi Mari is currently in the studio working towards some great releases for you to enjoy!

rose windross




Genre: House Garage / Soul
Soul II Soul feat Rose Windross - Fairplay

It is unique, It is missing a frequency.......
Simply put, Rose Windross is the original singer/songwriter that put the acclaimed band SOUL II SOUL on the global world map. Her song is FAIRPLAY, and with her energetic stage presence and persona, her over powering vocal ability wins over the hearts of her audience immediately.

Although it was never officially released in the UK as a single, the U.S adopted the creative idea of her song, merging Hip Hop beats with sweet vocals (e.g Mary J Blige ). History was in the making. This track is still firmly placed as iconic to all Hip Hop historians of today, and for the die-hard fans, ‘Fairplay’ is the given favourite track on the first Soul II Soul album ‘Club Classics Vol 1’ (re-named ‘Keep On Movin’ for the Americas).

She continues to be successful in other areas of music, joining forces with her big brother Norris 'da boss' Windross, plus many other collaborations, to create many underground hits - 
(Flow: Mc Kie , Liferide:Grant Nelson, da boss & Mc Creed, Heartbeat:(under the name Psuedo)

Long after the initial SIIS success, when things had really cooled down, Jazzie B once again called on Rose to re- ignite the magic of SIIS, but this time with Rose Windross performing as front person, adding a touch of class, and creating a new worldwide fanbase, and placing SIIS firmly back on the global map. She performed for fans in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Hong Kong, Brazil and all over Europe, wowing wherever she is heard. Her fan base boasts the stars including the likes of Louie Vega (Masters at Work), Mark Ronson (Amy Winehouse producer), Mousse T,& Beverley Knight,to name but a few.

Rose Windross and The Magic House Experience is her live band. This is a compelling collective of musicians and artists introducing a new dynamic to the concept of LIVE music, incorporating all her musical influences of our times. Already boasting a large fan base she honed in the performances monthly at the infamous VIBE BAR, Brick Lane London E1 6QL as a residency.

Now, as a solo act, the world is her oyster!