Genre: UKG /Grime / Hip Hop
MC Vapour/Stormzy/Craig David/Shola Ama -Kurupt FM Take Over (Mista Jam BBC 1Xtra)

Vapour is an internationally recognised artist, born and raised in the UK, writing since the age of 13 and becoming a member of local pirate radio station ‘Force Fm’. It was here that Vapour began to create an image for himself as an energetic, exciting young host that had an ability to amuse and entertain a crowd with his charisma and witty banter in a humorous yet clever and intelligent manner.

quickly acquiring a vast listenership and a dedicated Fan base, he was soon collaborating with a producer from a local record label producing a track called “Move your Body” which went on sale across Europe and sold 5000 copies over the first two weeks and was included on two mainstream compilation CDs.

Vapour then joined forces with ‘UnKnown Terrorists’ (UK) and became involved with various radio stations. Appearing on leading pirate stations such as ‘Flava Fm’ and DeJaVu Fm, As Vapours Talents developed scenes like grime and dubstep were evolving and as Vapour began producing his own music and his style began to change, he found himself writing more hip hop, making backing tracks to go with lyrics he’d written and thinking of choruses to work with the verses, MC Vapour was becoming ‘Vapour the Artist.

Signed to independent label ‘Peromi Records’, he was commissioned to write a 14 track album. 22 tracks in all were written over the course of the year and’ The Taylor Made Album’ was put together. He was quickly becoming a recognised artist in his own right with appearances in magazines such as ‘Blues and Soul’,’ RWD’, ‘Hip Hop Connection’ & DJ magazine.

Vapour decided to become a independent artist, after years of watching and learning, he began to produce his own mix-tape using tracks he had made at ‘Peromi ‘ and additional self produced tracks . His début Mix-tape ‘Taylor Made’ was released as an unmastered mix, He saw it as a way for fans that had missed his work to catch up with where he had been and the rapid changes Vapour had returned with.

His latest 3 albums, the now rapidly selling 'V=MCs SCARED' from 2009, followed by 'Bohemian RapsofV' in 2011 and his most recent and best release so far '2 EYES IN BRiTAiN' have put Vapour at the head of his game as a writer, producer and self engineer. He has become an international, underground inspiration to literally thousands of people all over the world. He is without a doubt one of the most talented, accurate, charismatic, Highly respected and entertaining artists of our time.