Scott Garcia
Genre: UK Garage
Scott Garcia

Scott Garcia is a true pioneer of the UK Garage industry. His ground-breaking track “It’s A London Thing” was the second-ever track within this genre to reach the national charts in 1997.

Scott is without a doubt one of the leading players of the UK Garage movement, as an independent producer as well as a headline DJ. Formerly, part of the amazing collective ‘Foundation’ with fellow members Sticky & Dr. Psycho(RIP) his reputation and performances as an artist have been outstanding.

His many achievements over recent years include; 3 legendary sets for Boiler Room, ‘Mixmag Lab Session’ which, clocked almost 700k views to date, he represented the ‘UKG All Stars’ at the ‘Red Bull Culture Clash’ which captivated a crowd of 25,000+ as well as releasing his very own ‘It’s a London Thing XX Compilation’ which landed at number 31 in the UK album charts.

In 2019, Scott joined the Kiss FM team, with over 2.55 million weekly listeners. And 2021 saw the exciting projects happening, including the re-release of the all-time classic ‘It’s A London Thing’, signed to dance music giant Armada and his brand officially launched its own events selling out all venues in London & Dubai.

2022 sees the launch of the latest album, a club tour along with performances at countless high-profile shows across the UK and Europe.