WCM Welcomes Ray Hurley To Our Roster

WCM welcomes the legendary Ray Hurley to our team of artists, well known for his former label Sweetergroove in the success of UKG Garage, Ray returns with his new imprint ‘Sub London Records’ alongside Hermit, Daniel Ward and Chris Bass. We take 5 minutes to catch up with Ray and find out a bit about his past, present and future…

Hi Ray, can you tell us how you music career began?

It all began for me on holiday in Lanzarote when I was fascinated by the DJ and his skills of controlling a whole club with his selection. It was at that point I said…I could do this.

What started your career in the House & Garage industry?

The Music I was listening to and stated playing was mostly US house which influenced Uk producers to create their own sound. UKG was born

What have been the biggest highlights of your career?

Signing loads of autographs in PERTH Australia after my set was quite, eye opening also being able to have played in many major cities and travelled the world DJ’ing

Rumor has it that you have a new label launching very soon? Can you tell us a bit about this?

SUB LONDON RECORDS is about to release Underground Dubs Vol.1 with tracks from myself with Chris Bass aka(Sweetergroove), Daniel Ward and Hermit. The label is going to be a mixture of upfront deep and soulful house along with old skool new skool, this will be upfront music with an old skool twist.

What advice can you give to aspiring producers or DJs?

Create your own identity and try and reach new boundries when mixing and selecting music, its easy to follow than be followed.

Finally, how did you hook up with WCM and what has made them the management of your choice for the future?

WCM was an easy choice for my personal DJ work and our new label which Helen will manage personally. This will give us the quality time to produce and be creative knowing our intrests are being looked after by the best.