Norris Da Boss Windross Joins Our Team Of Artists

WCM is very proud to welcome the legendary Norris ‘Da Boss’ Windross to the WCM roster, we were very excited to catch up with Norris in our exclusive interview…

Welcome to WCM Norris, it is a pleasure to have you as part of our roster! As we already know music has been part of your life from a very early age. What has been some of your musical inspirations throughout your journey?

My mums love of all types of Music effected me deeply from reggae like the Trojan/stax type releases right through to the popular sounds of the charts. She bought and our homes were always full of music. She started a nightclub from when I was 9 years old and that’s what I suppose set my trajectory. I was Clubbing myself from 13 years old and was definitely a soul boy.

I never actually started djing until I first heard the Djs attempting to actually mix in the rave scene in the late 80’s and that’s what took my imagination. So I Love Soul, Groove Beats and Bass with a touch of melody or with a little Reggae and that’s my inspiration. A combination of these things put together in the right way lift my spirit and always have done. I could name so many Artistes, Records and Albums that that would be pages of reading alone so I think I will leave that there.

Throughout your career you have been a major part of some of the most legendary promotions to date; such as Bagleys, Spreadlove Project, Back 2 95 and several other promotions. Did you know 20 years ago that the sound you originally pushed at your event ‘Yum Yum’ would have the longevity it has had and what are your fondest memories of the early years?

I was always someone that needed a backdrop of music to live my life so when I was raving and yes I come from the stance of a raver Dancefloor side and loved it but, when all the raves and clubs that I was going to anyway were moving to the harder sound of rave and early Drum and Bass and the tempo went over the top I was wanting to hear just straight up house and so I started Yum Yum with this in mind for Girls and Guys like me that needed an oasis from the norm in London at that time. Music Policy House and Garage. To know that that is still going on in more and about the same feel and sounds today is amazing. I don’t like saying one thing or another like I don’t like saying one or 2 records has my favourite tunes but what I can say is that one of my proudest moments outside of my Children being Born was the UKG Awards that we put on in 1999 an
2000. That Brand we created has Redefined a scene that grew from a love of Raving through AfterParties and Afterparties of Afterparties.

W Records, originally launched in 1999 was home for many of our UKG stars now including Creed, Rose Windross and MC Kie. What was the ethos of the label back then and has that now changed with the re-launch being imminent.

Back then it was just find some talent and get some music out there. Talent Music with Rose as the Backbone and Angel 21 as the Production.

We all know the success of ‘Right Before My Eyes’ &’ Liferide’, should we be expecting any new mixes or future collaborations any time soon?

I am working with and on a number of projects at the moment. Im not sure if how or where some of it will fit yet but it all will be true to my roots of music. Stay tuned.

Being one of the UKG founders, how do you feel the scene has transpired over 20 years and where would you say it is right now musically?

If I am honest I can not say where it is right now. For me to say UKG means a brand that was set up to promote Artiste’s and a scene that I loved. That scene was dismantled systematically by the powers that be. Now to talk about it as a sound and I am not the best expert as there are so many differing strands and arms that have taken influence off the sounds that were UK Garage that I can say I am proud that I been an instrumental part of that.

When working in the studio, what would you say creates the perfect vibe for you to produce?

That Formula is yet to be made clear to me LOL.

Do you have any advice for up and coming artists both as producers or DJs?

Yes find mentors, listen to all music’s and take influence then do what you do and put everything into it. The message is the same for anything anyone chooses to do for life. Be committed, do not try to cut corners and make sure you are doing what you are meant to be doing at all times that’s work rest and play… Trust me! The secret Ingredient corny as it sounds is
love for what you do.

So… after your break managing music venues, acts and your band, YOU ARE BACK! What can we expect from you in the near future? Dj’ing, production and musical direction?

Good question but you already answered it. ALL of the above from my Inspirations Lol.

We are very greatful to Norris for providing WCM with this exclusive House & Garage DJ mix, we hope you all enjoy!