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WCM Welcomes Specialist Moss To Our Artist Roster

This month WCM see’s a few new additons to our management roster including the wicked reggae/ragga sounds of Specialist Moss. No stranger to success we catch up with Specialist Moss and find out what he has been up to…..

Can you tell us a little bit about your musical background and how your singing career began?

Music has been around me since I was born. My Dad had a band and a sound system he would always play reggae music (sing/play guitar) in the house. My brother, sister and I started a group when we were young, I was about 8yrs and I played the drums and the keyboard. By the age of 11yrs I was writing songs and mcing to dancehall music at home and in my local youth club. I was involved with a high profile radio station called transmission1 and would regularly mc over jungle, house and garage. My style grew and I incorporated singing to my mcing, I my sing-jay style was formed.

What are your musical influences?

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Mad Decent USA Event Review

The time is 1:30am on Sunday 4th August and I’ve just completed a 10hour shift at work, but I feel wide-awake, well aware that somewhere, something is going down in quite the party fashion. My homegirly reminds me that tonight is the Mad Decent After party in Fort Lauderdale.

As I arrive at the venue the talented Australian duo Kito & Rejia Lee start their set and rock this jam-packed party. The event is produced by Embrace and Footwork who joined forces with Culture, Revolution, and Live Nation to host the infamous Mad Decent Block party and After Party. The Mad Decent Block Party started in 2007 and since then has expanded nationwide. This summer the party will complete a tour of thirteen cities on thirteen dates for 2013. This year’s lineup included 10 artists from the Mad Decent label including Zed’s Dead, Flosstradamus, Riff Raff, and Major Lazor.

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WCM Welcomes Tamara to our roster

Worldclass are proud to welcome singer ‘Tamara Grey’ to our vocalist roster! After her massive success with ‘Heading My Way’ on Audio Rehab we take a minute to catch up with Tamara and find out a little bit more about her and what else she has been up to….

Welcome to WCM Tamara….

What inspires you to write?

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Eastern Electrics Event Review

We came off the A1 and arrived at the spectacular grounds of the legendary Knebworth Park. With its acres of luscious greenery; I was amazed at the views. It was an absolutely great location for a festival…

On arrival, the box office was very helpful as have all the staff been at EE. I could already feel the festival buzz and I couldn’t wait to get amongst it. Despite the rain that had fallen the night before the party people were coming through gates in abundance.

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Secret Garden Party Event Review

The moment you arrive at the gates of The Secret Garden Party you are welcomed into a world of creativity and unadulterated imagination. “Find a penny pick it up – all day long you’ll have good luck!” the girl manning the gate said to me as she took a penny from her costume and it landed by my feet, reminding me that the theme for 2013 was Superstition.

The Secret Garden Party is set in the scenic Cambridgeshire countryside in Abbott’s Ripon. Located in the grounds of a Georgian House this landscape is a beautiful and enchanting setting for a festival. By day you can head to the lake which offers a cool place to swim, giving welcome respite to the midday sun, row a boat or check out the huge piece of art constructed in the centre. By night explore Artful Badger Woods or take a walk into the Labyrinth to discover a hidden party packed with disco balls and lasers.

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WCM New Events Team

This month we welcome our brand new event team to WCM….

WCM will be attending a series of events Worldwide and bringing you the latest event reviews keeping you updated with what events are hot or not….

We welcome our carefully selected team of event press reviewers!

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