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WCM Ibiza Weekend Review

As I arrived on the Balearic Island I was filled with excitement as I had meticulously planned every hour of the next 72 hours, I couldn’t help but feel slightly stressed wondering if this is actually going to work?

The moment I walked out of the airport I could feel the warm breeze and a sense of freedom, a indescribable ambiance – all worries, stress and thoughts were forgotten, IT WAS ON!

Let me tell you – Ibiza is definitely not what you see on TV! Far from it, with its beautiful white sandy beaches, and laid back atmosphere there’s something for everyone!

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WCM Welcomes Tempo O’Neil To Our Roster

WCM welcomes the incredible vocalist/producer Tempo O’Neil to our team of Worldclass talent! Tempo needs no introduction to the music industry, he is already one of the greatest legendary vocalists in our collective, with massive hits such as ‘Everyday Junglist’ alongside Bizzy B & Marvellous Cain & ‘Keep Holdin’, the massive collaboration with Tuff Jam. Once again, Tempo is back in the hot seat with new collaborations, with leading House artists such as Rob Pearson and the absolutely amazing Alex Arnout from Dogmatic Records. We catch up with Tempo in our exclusive WCM interview and find out more about Tempo, his own record label and other projects he is currently working on…

Welcome to WCM Mr O’Neil……

Can you tell us a little bit about your musical background and how your singing career began?

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