WCM Welcomes Tempo O’Neil To Our Roster

WCM welcomes the incredible vocalist/producer Tempo O’Neil to our team of Worldclass talent! Tempo needs no introduction to the music industry, he is already one of the greatest legendary vocalists in our collective, with massive hits such as ‘Everyday Junglist’ alongside Bizzy B & Marvellous Cain & ‘Keep Holdin’, the massive collaboration with Tuff Jam. Once again, Tempo is back in the hot seat with new collaborations, with leading House artists such as Rob Pearson and the absolutely amazing Alex Arnout from Dogmatic Records. We catch up with Tempo in our exclusive WCM interview and find out more about Tempo, his own record label and other projects he is currently working on…

Welcome to WCM Mr O’Neil……

Can you tell us a little bit about your musical background and how your singing career began?

I began singing from the age of 14 on Reggae Sound systems and finally ended up with one of the best in the world, Saxon Sound System. I then changed to working with musicians in Soul and linked with a variety of people such as Loose Ends Funk/ Soul to S.O.U.R – Jungle /D&B and then followed with Tuffjam in the UK House & Garage industry.

Who have been influences in your music career?

Mainly my brothers who have always been involved in music and sound systems which was my introduction to singing live. Artists….? I never followed anyone, I just liked singing my own songs. Brought up on rock steady, dub, reggae and rhythm and

What have been your favourite music genres and why?

My foundations has always been Reggae which taught me to sing live, old rhythm n blues was a big influence for me for songs, but house music man!…. I love it for the energy and all the influences from my music genres electro, hiphop, soul and reggae plus a positive unity of all people.

What projects are you currently working on and with who?

I’ve been working on my own projects for a while and have linked up with a few producers Rob Pearson (Evasive) and Alex Arnout (Dogmatic) on a mix bag of tricks.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your own production and record label that you are currently working on?

Yes my own production I call, ‘The Elements’, which are the genres of Tempo O’Neil. The Label is called ‘Liberation Party’ at present only Soul – House – and Instrumental chillouts albums are available on download but there’s loads to come! Hiphop etc also ive been doing remixes for others as well.

What can we see coming from you in the near future?

The near future coming is the Deep House – minimal stuff its almost there im ready to go live again with some really good new stuff, cant wait!

And finally how did you hook up with WCM and what made them your choice in future management?

WCM was recommended to me by some top people in the industry, but it wasnt really so much about that which brought me in, it was more about the circle of friends ive known from the past involved with WCM. Down to earth people, and some I can still call friends today. All about the Family baby! Keep it real

Finally, here is a little taster of what Tempo has been working on with Alex Arnout from Dogmatic! With many, many more hits up their sleeves we thank Alex for the introduction and are proud to have the legendary Tempo O’Neil as part of our WCM family!