WCM Welcomes Tamara to our roster

Worldclass are proud to welcome singer ‘Tamara Grey’ to our vocalist roster! After her massive success with ‘Heading My Way’ on Audio Rehab we take a minute to catch up with Tamara and find out a little bit more about her and what else she has been up to….

Welcome to WCM Tamara….

What inspires you to write?

I’ve always just wanted to write music that can change a persons feeling. Many songs in my life have touched me and have had the power to change my mood , and in some ways my life. I write from the heart, and I’m inspired to do so, knowing that I could be making a difference, no matter how big or small, with my words.

Do you have any future plans to work with other producers in the House industry?

Yes, definitely! I’m currently working with two very well established producers on two exciting new songs, which I’m hoping
will be released soon.

What other genres would you like to work in and who would you like to collaborate with?

I’m very versatile and enjoy all types of music. In the House scene, I aspire to collaborate with David Guetta. As for other genres, I would like to work on soulful R&B, drum and bass and aspire to work with the likes of Jessie J, Rudimental and Chase and Status.

Will we be lucky enough to see you perform live very soon?

Yes, I’m hoping so. I’m open to bookings and expect when my new songs are released, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me!

What made you decide to join Worldclass Management?

After a recommendation by a family friend, I looked into World Class Management. After my first enquiry with WCM it was clear to me, the standard of dedication, care and efficiency Worldclass Management offers its client base, and I’ve felt completely supported by my management team ever since.