sofi mari
Genre: DnB / Jazz / Dubstep
Advance Now By SophEye

Known to her hometown peoples in Miami, Florida, as Sopheye Sofly; this vocalist enters a whole new chapter of creativity as Sofi Mari. Having been an active vocalist and emcee for over ten years back in the states there is no shortage of performance and recording experience for this jazzy soulchild. Sofi Mari sings and rhymes inspired by music of all genres with a deep love for bass-heavy tunes. She has brought her talents over to her birthplace, the United Kingdom, to share and grow with her listeners. Her repertoire includes releases as 'Sopheye' from drum & bass labels such as: V Recordings, Bassdrive Tunes, Intrigue Music and Miles A Head as well as a 'future soul' style of song with her latina flair on Atlantic Connection Music. Be sure to watch this space as Sofi Mari is currently in the studio working towards some great releases for you to enjoy!