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rose windross




Genre: House Garage / Soul
Soul II Soul feat Rose Windross - Fairplay

It is unique, It is missing a frequency.......
Simply put, Rose Windross is the original singer/songwriter that put the acclaimed band SOUL II SOUL on the global world map. Her song is FAIRPLAY, and with her energetic stage presence and persona, her over powering vocal ability wins over the hearts of her audience immediately.

Although it was never officially released in the UK as a single, the U.S adopted the creative idea of her song, merging Hip Hop beats with sweet vocals (e.g Mary J Blige ). History was in the making. This track is still firmly placed as iconic to all Hip Hop historians of today, and for the die-hard fans, ‘Fairplay’ is the given favourite track on the first Soul II Soul album ‘Club Classics Vol 1’ (re-named ‘Keep On Movin’ for the Americas).

She continues to be successful in other areas of music, joining forces with her big brother Norris 'da boss' Windross, plus many other collaborations, to create many underground hits - 
(Flow: Mc Kie , Liferide:Grant Nelson, da boss & Mc Creed, Heartbeat:(under the name Psuedo)

Long after the initial SIIS success, when things had really cooled down, Jazzie B once again called on Rose to re- ignite the magic of SIIS, but this time with Rose Windross performing as front person, adding a touch of class, and creating a new worldwide fanbase, and placing SIIS firmly back on the global map. She performed for fans in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Hong Kong, Brazil and all over Europe, wowing wherever she is heard. Her fan base boasts the stars including the likes of Louie Vega (Masters at Work), Mark Ronson (Amy Winehouse producer), Mousse T,& Beverley Knight,to name but a few.

Rose Windross and The Magic House Experience is her live band. This is a compelling collective of musicians and artists introducing a new dynamic to the concept of LIVE music, incorporating all her musical influences of our times. Already boasting a large fan base she honed in the performances monthly at the infamous VIBE BAR, Brick Lane London E1 6QL as a residency.

Now, as a solo act, the world is her oyster!

ray hurley




Genre: House & Garage / UKG
cherubia - devil in disguise

One of the shining lights of the U.K Garage movement, Ray Hurley needs little or no introduction to the clubbers who flock, week in week out to watch, listen and learn from the man most say is the real peoples choice.

Following a summer jaunt to Lanzarote, where a friend had a seasonal residency. Ray, mesmerised by the way the DJ controlled the crowd, along with his love of dance music set about learning the noble art for himself. By Christmas of the same year, Ray was a regular “ clubber” at The Gass club in Londons fashionable West End. It was here that he was given his first break, as a warm up DJ for happy days every Saturday night.

It wasn’t long before Ray was plying his trade at most of the ORIGINAL Sunday Scene venues such as The Wag , The Arches and the now famous Frog and Nightgown alongside such luminaries as Matt “Jam” Lamont, Karl “tuff enuff” Brown, Timmi Magic EZ and Norris Windross.

Joining partner Chris Bass to create SweeterGroove in 2008, the label released 10 EP’s including ‘Ride The Storm’ signed to the Pure Garage compilation selling in excess of 300,000 copies and completed remixes for Lifford , Kathy Wood and Damien Truit for Booker T, Karl Tuff E Nuff Brown and Scott Garcia.

After a very successful period as the Dubmonsters and 2 EP’s later, Ray went on to produce solo projects under his own name and remixed tracks for ‘Another Level’, ‘Montel Jordan’ and labels such as Public Demand, Sattellite and Universal and Warner UK. Rays remix of the eagerly awaited track ‘Devil in Disquise’ was picked up by Universal, Germany and now signed to Manifesto in London.

Ray has firmly launched his second label launch Sub London Records alongside Hermit, Danny Ward & Chris Bass who are bringing forth their own unique house & garage production back into the forefront of the industry.

pied piper




Genre: UKG / House & Garage
Pied Piper, Unknown MC, PSG, MC Creed, Sharky P & MC DT - For The Ladies

Hailing from Brixton, London –Legendary DJ Pied Piper has been involved in the music industry since the 1990s with groups like Hijack (The Horns of Jericho) and Da Click (Good Rhymes) as well as The Masters of Ceremonies 'Do you really like it?'.

Alongside Hijack he has already completed three world tours and supported groups like Public Enemy, Buster Rhymes and De La Soul to name a few.

Working with his brother Unknown MC (aka Kamanchi Sly), Piper was influential in bringing their rap influence into the garage forum, before working with seminal UK garage artists MC Creed, PSG and Valarie M to form garage group Da Click.

Piper really rocketed to fame in 2001 with his number one smash hit “Do You Really Like It” made in collaboration with The Masters of Ceremonies (MC’s DT, Melody, Sharky P and Unknown MC) the track went on to sell over 475,000 copies in the UK alone!! A true all time UK Garage classic and Ayia Napa dance floor filler even to today.

As a DJ Pied Piper fuses his years of experience on the decks with a unique ability to read the crowd and keep them dancing throughout his energetic sets. He often makes guest appearances on prestigious radio shows such as DJ EZ’s weekly UKG on Kiss 100 and is a permanent fixture up and down the country at the best UKG nights the UK has to offer.

norris da boss windross




Genre: House & Garage / UKG


Norris ‘Da Boss’ Windross, has been actively part of the UK Dance scene for 30 years, commended for his creative mixing skills as a DJ Producer and the creator of the brand UKG for the Awards ceremonies at Hammersmith Apollo ( Late 2000) and the Brixton Academy (2001) celebrating UK House & Garage which were both followed with 30 date national club tours stamping the name into the minds of all UK Garage lovers.

Norris’ passion for music began from an early age, raised in club culture with his family (mum) running a nightclub from the age of 9 sculpted his love of nightlife and dance music.

In the rave scene 1998 labelled the Summer of love and the event of house music having a huge impact, Norris was listening to tunes, mentally mixing in his head which progressed to the art form he began practicing.  It wasn’t long before he was performing at small parties and community festivals leading to hosting his own events.

His first weekly promotion event began in February 1991. ‘Yum Yum’ with resident DJs’ Including himself Smokin Jo MC GQ (pre-GQ) Frankie shag Bones & Tony Trax had a House Garage and Dance music policy. Norris used to create a unique mix & blend pitching up US House and Garage records up for more energy playing B sides and throwing in any tune that would mix well for the club vibe.

This led to Norris becoming an extremely busy DJ sought after and residing in the infancy and growth of the UK Garage scene, Norris brought this sound to clubs and audiences worldwide.

Music productions include ‘Funky Groove’ ‘Pseudo’s’ Heartbeat’ N n G’s Right Before My Eyes & Liferide Norris launched his own label ‘W Records, featuring acts such as Rose Windross, MC Creed, Angel 21 and MC Kie turning out the massive 2 step anthem Flow.

His tracks to date have had a great impact on the UK Garage Scene with ‘Right Before My Eyes’ featuring Kallaghan and MC Neat charting in the nationals with a performance on Top of The Pops’.

Now also performing regularly with his cohort MC Creed as the Godfathers of Garage you can catch Norris playing at selected events all over the world.

In 2019 Norris was the architect involved in the re-launch of the Spreadlove project launching ‘The Spreadlove Festival 2019’ and on the cusp of the 20th anniversary of The UKG Awards, 2020 promises to be another pivotal year for the UK garage Don.

mikee b




Genre: UKG / House / Funky / Raregroove / Soul
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Mikee B’s DJ career began with his sound system Funky Express, in the heart of the then thriving rare groove, soul and funk scenes. However, it was the advent of the rave scene that his career really took off, and his name became synonymous with the new musical experience that was the rave culture.

It was at this time that Mikee met Jason Kaye at a rave in London becoming friends he passed on his knowledge of dj'ing to Jason who at the time was an estate agent. Mikee decided to get together with Jason and form TOP BUZZ, and also brought his Mc, Mad P from his rare groove sound to Mc for his new DJ outfit. Together they helped to develop a scene that they were all passionate about, and this led to them consolidating their considerable skills as music producers, and releasing their club anthem ‘Living in Darkness’.

As a DJ always seeking out new challenges and exploring emerging scenes, it comes as no surprise that Mikee became interested in the garage scene which was still in its infancy. He went on to be a pioneer of the explosive new genre and it was whilst he was presenting a radio show with Jason Kaye on pirate radio station ‘London Underground’.

that he met Timmi Magic and Spoony and the three went on to form the inimitable DREEM TEEM.

With their unrivalled talents and knowledge combined, the Dreem Teem wasted no time in building an impressive CV. They were quickly snapped up by KISS FM and then GALAXY FM and then of course, RADIO 1, on which they presented two shows. Their Sunday morning show between 10am and 1pm was one of the stations most successful and popular shows and the ‘Dreem Teem Presents’ on Monday mornings between 1am and 3am gave them the opportunity to play to the nation all of the tracks that they felt a passion for.

Mikee is also no stranger to the TV screen, with the Dreem Teem’s own show, ‘IT’S A DREEM TEEM THANG’ on cable TV and appearances on various documentaries, including ‘I Love Jamaica’ for the BBC.

As a talented and Accomplished artist teeming up with the management capabilities of World Class Management UK Mikee is someone to keep looking and listening out for.

mike “ruff cut” lloyd




Genre: UKG / House & Garage

Mike ‘Ruff Cut’ Lloyd is respected and noted as one of the leading lights of the UK Garage scene. He is renowned for his storming upfront sets and flair for acknowledging what a crowd wants. Utilising the skills he developed in the early Hip Hop era, Mike provides an element of cutting up and scratching to his sets that makes him stand out from the crowd.

Born and bred in London’s East End, Mike began his DJ career on the local sound systems playing electro and Hip Hop. He won the London MTV straight mixing award. His first foray into radio took him to South London pirate station Passion FM alongside the likes of Jumping Jack Frost and Bryan Gee. This was followed by stints at LWR and Laser where he continued to develop his musical style by introducing US House and Hardcore into his sets. When the hardcore scene split in the early nineties he chose not to play Jungle, but to concentrate on the US House and Garage scene.

Mike went on to join the London pirate radio station De Ja Vue in the mid-nineties and alongside MC Munchie they developed one of the most popular radio shows, that is still, talked about today. It was during this period that his popularity reached new heights. His upfront musical selection and unique mixing ability brought forth a steady stream of bookings for all the major clubs and promotions. This resulted in a DJ profile on Kiss TV as well as guest spots on the Judge & Jury show with Judge Jules and the Kiss 100 Full Frontal show. Not letting his talents just stop at mixing, Mike has written reviews for club magazines, and worked as guest presenter on Rapture TV’s ‘Clubber' . As well as being asked by Blam Records and Confetti Records to compile a mix CD of their work, also teaming up with Jason Kaye to mix the Garage Nation CD.

Joining the London dance ILR Millennium Dance, he was a key figure in taking the UK Garage scene to a wider audience, a fact confirmed by his UK Garage Acknowledgement’ award. He has also compiled the ‘Underground Artist presents Mike ‘Ruff Cut’ Lloyd’ CD for Pure Silk Recordings and his first track ‘Down’ a collaboration with Zed Bias, was released on Locked On Records. He also remixed for TJ Cases, Chocolate Boy Recordings ans ‘Do You Better’ by Mills & Boom.

From 2001 until 2003 Mike presented a weekly radio show on London’s Choice FM and now does guest shows on various stations including the likes of BBC 1Xtra.

To date, Mike remains one of the most consistent and sort after DJ’s. As well as playing what he is most recognised for, UK Garage. Due to his versatility & skills on the decks he is often called upon to play Funky, US and Electro House. He has played extensively throughout the UK, as well as on the international scene taking him to various countries including Malaysia, Thailand, USA, Norway, Cyprus, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, Spain and more.

With his busy DJ schedule, Mike has proved to be an ideal representative of the UK Garage scene not only in personality but in his ability to raise the roof wherever he plays.

jason kaye




Genre: UKG / House & Garage

Jason Kaye ‘The Master’ of the Underground UK Garage scene, His talents have been recognised with a healthy collection of awards including the Dance Recognition Award for his contribution to the music scene and also Best Record Label Sidewinder Award two years running.

He has led the pack in the most influential music genres including Acid House, Hardcore, Jungle and UK Garage. Jason Kaye was there and instrumental in the explosion of the movement, that was the RAVE SCENE. With DJ Mikee B and MC Mad P, Top Buzz was soon conceived. Becoming major players on the early rave scene, as well as pioneers and innovators of the newer drum ‘n’ bass sound that was soon to be introduced. There wasn’t a rave or club that Top Buzz didn’t play Nationally or internationally. “Living In Darkness” was conceived and went on to top the dance charts resulting in it becoming the biggest selling underground dance track of the year. Jason went on to remixing, including The Prodigy's "Weather Experience" (part of their "Fire EP") which achieved a top 10 national chart position.

As the jungle scene mutated and diversified he progressed towards playing the mellower sounds of House & Garage,. now DJ'ing as “Jason Kaye”and hailed as one of the most technically advanced mixers, playing all over the world including Europe, Miami, Dubai and New York as well as playing at a variety of major UK promotions including Rave Nation and Garage Nation, which he and rave promoter turned actor Terry Stone Created .

Applying his Midas touch to various projects His record label 'Social Circles', partnered with producer Steve Gurley and Russell Tait, releasing a constant catalogue of quality tunes. Jason Then went on too launch the career of double BRIT award winner Ms Dynamite, with the smash hit “Booo!” achieving a No.12 national chart position.

Jason has ventured into the world of film and provided the soundtracks and scores for a number of films. These include Bonded by Blood and Payback Season with Bafta Award winner Adam Deacon. Jason was also the music supervisor on Get Lucky, Gateway Films.

The effect he has had on other artists has been well documented, Roni Size has quoted him as his main musical influence and Goldie has also noted his respect for him on his notorious "Timeless" album. Alex P the House legend has also written about Top Buzz and their influence on him in his formative musical years! !

Prince William confirmed his love of UK Garage and quoted Jason Kaye as being one of his favourite DJ’s in a tabloid interview!!!He is Ian Wright's favourite DJ, as mentioned on Sky TV, requesting for Jason to play at the Annual Official PFA party three years in a row. One of The most successful UK acts was Oasis. Who would they ask to play at their private after-gig parties whenever they were in town? Jason Kaye himself!

Wanted and loved by the celebrity and club fraternity alike, Jason Kaye is a force to be reckoned with.

jacqui bennett




Genre: House / Garage / Soul / RnB

Jacqui Bennett grew up on the sweet sounds of lovers’ rock, soul and Raregrooves, she began her professional career at the tender age of 10, attending various stage shows and competitions. It was a natural progression that by the age of only 15 Jacqui was already in the recording studio and had her first Reggae release.

Jacqui joined forces with Cliff White from ‘101 Productions’ and worked alongside a young rap band which ultimately lead to a tour supporting ‘Koolio’ and ‘Definition Of Sound’ where Jacqui met up with the legendary ‘Karl Tuff Enough’ Brown. Loving the ‘Tuff Jam’ sound and through a one take, freestyle studio session ‘Experience’ the Tuff Jam smasher was created. This lead to a series of hits including ‘Need Good Love’ & the Jacqui Bennett cover of ‘Handle It’ alongside the collaboration with Danny Mercado & the chart topper ‘Just A Dream’.

Jacqui spent the next few years touring and performing at venues worldwide and has since then been busy writing her first solo album and working with ‘H Band’ at the famous ‘Jazz Afterdark’. Underneath the Worldclass Management banner you will see the launch of many new Jacqui Bennett collaborations, working in many different genres as well as continued performance Worldwide.





Genre: DnB / BreakBeat / Jungle / Liquid Funk

Synonymous with the UKs jungle music scene throughout the 1990s, right through to the present day Dr S Gachet is one of the most versatile DJ's you will ever witness, picking up the art of deejaying through London’s reggae sound systems of the mid 80s, and as acid house and rave was born Gachet found himself making the transition from sound systems to clubs in London. Between 1990 & 1994 his residencies and regular appearances included: Camden Palace - Lazerdome -The Rocket - Sterns - The Edge - Paradise Club - Universe - Helter Skelter - Dreamscape - Pure X - Dance Paradise and Living Dream, amongst others. 1995, however, signalled a pivotal moment for Gachet. The legendary jungle promoter AWOL (A Way Of Life) assigned Gachet permanent resident at the paradise club london & Ministry Of Sound, alongside Randall, Mickey Finn, Kenny Ken & Darren Jay. In the same year he became resident at World Dance. These achievements alone propelled Gachet to international deejay status,and Since then he has been clocking up passport stamps from every corner of the globe

Dr S Gachet is also a radio personality. He acted as guest host for Radio 1 One in the Jungle shows (1996/1997) when jungle was slowly being accepted by the mainstream. Working with many stations in the capital exposing his talent for playing different styles of dance music. Also taking to the natural progression of producing his own music he conceived a pair of record labels - Audio Maze to take care of drum & bass business & Johnny Biscuit with a house & garage mandate. Audio Maze introduced such gems to the drum & bass scene as Remember The Rollers and Forbidden Agenda, both played for time by every discerning deejay.

Gachet is back in the studio writing & producing fresh new DnB & breakbeat, working hard on the Audio Maze relaunch.

dj ramsey




Genre: House & Garage / UKG
Ramsey & Fen 'Love Bug Remix'

For the past eighteen years, Ramsey & Fen have been household names on the UK garage scene. The DJ'ing / production duo were amongst the original pioneers of the movement, having been instrumental figures within UK garage pirate radio from its very inception, whilst their studio efforts have resulted in some treasured scene classics that helped shape the garage sound that we hear today.

East London-born Ramsey, grew up on a musical diet of soul and rare groove. He first took to the turntables twenty five years ago, although back in the 80’s he was also to be found throwing some moves as a studio dancer on Jonathan Ross’s Channel 4 music show, ‘Soul Train’. Ramsey’s DJ'ing started off as a dole cheque-fed hobby, but stepped up a gear when pirate stations launched in his local area,and he began spinning on Defection and then Rush FM, where he was amongst the likes of Mixmaster Max, Kemistry & Storm, and Goldie, who would come and MC for him during his sets.

Ramsey returned to his soulful roots and began to spin US garage, He started a Saturday morning garage show on Rush FM, testing out early scene-shaping tracks from the likes of Nightcrawlers and Robin S. The show got plenty of response and Ramsey started getting bookings to play garage in the back-rooms at nights like ‘Roast’ (alongside Norris ‘Da Boss’ Windross), ‘Thunder & Joy’, and early underground garage haunts such as east London’s ‘Dungeons’.

Ramsey’s next move was on to Freek FM, the first pirate station dedicated to the nascent garage sound. Ramsey met Fen through a mutual friend and they began fronting their own Saturday night show together on Freek FM. Their ‘Freekzone’ slot established the duo’s name and reputation as they championed the early UK garage sound mixing American cuts with the new British-made tracks filtering though from labels like Nice N Ripe. Ramsey & Fen also began playing out together at the station’s own night ‘Freek In The Manor’, as well as the majority of the UK garage scene’s founding clubs like ‘La Cosa Nostra’, Zoo’s ‘Lords Of The Underground’, Rhythm Promotions’ ‘The Breakfast Club’, ‘Sun City’, ‘Numb Nums’ (as residents) and ‘Twice As Nice’ forerunner, The Arches.

Ramsey & Fen left Freek FM to form their own pirate station, London Underground. The pair enlisted a raft of UK garage DJs that read like a ‘Who’s Who’ of founding fathers - including Danny Foster, Hermit, Jason Kaye, Richie Fingers, Daryl B, as well as a pre-Dreem Teem Mikee B, Timmi Magic and DJ Spoony who all met at the station.

It was through London Underground that Ramsey & Fen got their first remix work, when the Trinity / SOUR studio and label asked Ramsey & Fen to provide garage mixes of Kim Mazelle’s ‘Big Baby’ and ‘Quality’, which became underground anthems. Working on these mixes with Ramsey & Fen was SOUR’s in-house engineer and drum & bass head, Matt Coleman, a.k.a. M J Cole. Ramsey & Fen introduced M J to the world of UK garage and together they created a fresh new sound, taking elements from soulful US garage and fusing it with a more British, high energy vibe and harder edge.

The following year, Ramsey & Fen left the London Underground to pursue production work and set up BUG Records (British Underground Grooves). They continued to work with M J Cole until he went on to pursue his solo career and together they released a series of highly successful, vocal-based tracks; from ‘Style’, through to the experimental ‘Off-Key Experience’ on VIP Records, ‘Desire’, and of course, ‘Lovebug’ - a true scene classic, and an early example of 2 step. Throughout the following years Ramsey & Fen delivered several floor-filling remixes including The Heartists’ ‘Belo Horizonti’ (VC), Dem 2’s ‘Destiny’ (Locked On) and Lovestation’s ‘Teardrops’ (Fresh). They also mixed high profile garage compilations such as ‘Garage Nation’ and the 3rd volume of the seminal ‘Locked On’ series.

As club DJs, Ramsey & Fen have played across the globe, reaching Japan, Switzerland, Amsterdam (playing at the massive Dance Valley Festival), Tenerife, Turkey, and of course Ayia Napa. always retaining their love of radio, guesting on legal stations such as Kiss FM, where they also filled in for Steve Jackson on the popular Morning Glory show, and hosting their own weekly show on CHOICE FM. They have delved into music TV having recently filmed an appearance on a new Wise Buddha pilot production.

Ramsey & Fen are now stepping up the studio work once more, they are currently working on a remix for Kyrie London and producing a new album Ramsey & Fen presents “Gabriella” to celebrate twenty years in the business together. They are also concentrating on signing new talent and developing artists for BUG Records.

Ramsey & Fen have never stopped championing the scene they helped create, and their love for the music has endured through the many musical twists and turns that UK garage has taken. “Giving everyone a boost, helping them to get where they are and seeing how everyone’s progressed has been a buzz” maintains Ramsey, whilst Fen adds “We’ve always said we just wanted to take UK garage and get it out there for others to hear it, and that’s still what we’re about.” The time feels right for a Ramsey & Fen renaissance, as they remind us that originality, energy and dedication to the music never goes out of style.