jacqui bennett
Genre: House / Garage / Soul / RnB

Jacqui Bennett grew up on the sweet sounds of lovers’ rock, soul and Raregrooves, she began her professional career at the tender age of 10, attending various stage shows and competitions. It was a natural progression that by the age of only 15 Jacqui was already in the recording studio and had her first Reggae release.

Jacqui joined forces with Cliff White from ‘101 Productions’ and worked alongside a young rap band which ultimately lead to a tour supporting ‘Koolio’ and ‘Definition Of Sound’ where Jacqui met up with the legendary ‘Karl Tuff Enough’ Brown. Loving the ‘Tuff Jam’ sound and through a one take, freestyle studio session ‘Experience’ the Tuff Jam smasher was created. This lead to a series of hits including ‘Need Good Love’ & the Jacqui Bennett cover of ‘Handle It’ alongside the collaboration with Danny Mercado & the chart topper ‘Just A Dream’.

Jacqui spent the next few years touring and performing at venues worldwide and has since then been busy writing her first solo album and working with ‘H Band’ at the famous ‘Jazz Afterdark’. Underneath the Worldclass Management banner you will see the launch of many new Jacqui Bennett collaborations, working in many different genres as well as continued performance Worldwide.