mikee b
Genre: UKG / House / Funky / Raregroove / Soul
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Mikee B’s DJ career began with his sound system Funky Express, in the heart of the then thriving rare groove, soul and funk scenes. However, it was the advent of the rave scene that his career really took off, and his name became synonymous with the new musical experience that was the rave culture.

It was at this time that Mikee met Jason Kaye at a rave in London becoming friends he passed on his knowledge of dj'ing to Jason who at the time was an estate agent. Mikee decided to get together with Jason and form TOP BUZZ, and also brought his Mc, Mad P from his rare groove sound to Mc for his new DJ outfit. Together they helped to develop a scene that they were all passionate about, and this led to them consolidating their considerable skills as music producers, and releasing their club anthem ‘Living in Darkness’.

As a DJ always seeking out new challenges and exploring emerging scenes, it comes as no surprise that Mikee became interested in the garage scene which was still in its infancy. He went on to be a pioneer of the explosive new genre and it was whilst he was presenting a radio show with Jason Kaye on pirate radio station ‘London Underground’.

that he met Timmi Magic and Spoony and the three went on to form the inimitable DREEM TEEM.

With their unrivalled talents and knowledge combined, the Dreem Teem wasted no time in building an impressive CV. They were quickly snapped up by KISS FM and then GALAXY FM and then of course, RADIO 1, on which they presented two shows. Their Sunday morning show between 10am and 1pm was one of the stations most successful and popular shows and the ‘Dreem Teem Presents’ on Monday mornings between 1am and 3am gave them the opportunity to play to the nation all of the tracks that they felt a passion for.

Mikee is also no stranger to the TV screen, with the Dreem Teem’s own show, ‘IT’S A DREEM TEEM THANG’ on cable TV and appearances on various documentaries, including ‘I Love Jamaica’ for the BBC.

As a talented and Accomplished artist teeming up with the management capabilities of World Class Management UK Mikee is someone to keep looking and listening out for.