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Genre: House & Garage / UKG
Ramsey & Fen 'Love Bug Remix'

DJ Fen has come a long way in the music industry since 1992, his passion is still strong! Fen is prolific in his field. His interest in Dj-ing started as a 13-year-old sneaking into his older brother’s bedroom to fool around on his decks. His serious enthusiasm for music came in the late eighties when the rave culture exploded. Fen soon found his preference in US garage and began playing out at house parties and started his own party nights in 1992 called ‘Global House’.

Still, part of the Dj-ing duo ‘Ramsey & Fen’ who have been a household name for the last 21 years, the two of them can currently be heard across the UK in club land and on the popular Internet & FM station Dream FM. In the past, Fen has played on some of the biggest radio stations including Kiss FM & Choice 107.1fm with special mix shows playing the best in UK Garage and House (Choice FM was recently acquired by the Capital Group).

Fen has and still turns his hand to all aspects of music, from running Bug Records, presenting a radio show & producing house & Garage music. The one thing he feels that opened many doors for him was setting up the pirate station London Underground together with Ramsey and a couple of close friends, which also opened the doors for many fellow DJ’s and producers to get them to where they are today e.g. Danny Foster, Hermit, Jason Kaye, Richie Fingers, Daryl B, as well as a pre-Dreem Teem Mikee B, Timmi Magic and DJ Spoony, plus many more, who all met at the station.

Fen & Ramsey also were involved in producing and re-mixing some of the biggest garage anthems to include the likes of The Heartists – Belo Horizonti, The Fabulous Baker Boys – ‘Oh Boy’, N-tyc ‘Telefunkin’, Yazz ‘Abandon Me’, Jaheem –‘Could it be’, Robbie Craig – ‘Special’, Somore ‘I refuse’, 2 remixes of Kim Mazelle’s ‘Big Baby and ‘Quality’- which all proved massively successful. They have also mixed high-profile garage compilations such as Garage Nation and the 3rd volume of the Locked On series. In the year 2000, the ‘Lovebug’ Compilation was also released which included more Ramsey & Fen material.

Alongside Ramsey & MJ Cole, they produced some memorable material for BUG Records (which Fen founded with Ramsey back in 1996). A list of many hits came from the BUG camp which includes ‘Style’, ‘Desire’, ‘Mad Changes’, ‘Always’, ‘Colours’, ‘Into You’, ‘Favourite Part of Me’ and not forgetting the massive anthem ‘Lovebug’.

In the club world, Fen has played all around the world touching down in Switzerland, Japan, Tenerife, Amsterdam (playing at the massive Dance Valley Festival), ‘Privilege’ Ibiza the largest club in the world, and not forgetting Aiya Napa-Cyprus. Closer to home Fen has performed at numerous clubs across the country and to name a few such as Numb Nums, La Cosa Nostra, Sun City, Pure Silk, Juicy, Masquerade, Smooth which includes the massive New Years Eve Parties at the Dome and Ministry of Sound.

He has several residences in and around London. And not forgetting one of Fen’s own nights Club Ventura created in 1998. In 2004 saw the birth of a totally new concept in clubbing where Fen and partner Jimmy from public demand records started a club night called “I’m a celebrity get me in here” which after a string of successful nights across the west end has proven to be a huge success. Also in 2005, a launch of another new night took place at London’s embassy club every Thursday, which has established itself as London’s place to be seen at.

Over the years Fen has been writing reviews for the monthly magazine “Notion” where he reviews the best in UK Garage and House music. In the past, he has also written for many columns another one to mention is Echo magazine (2002 - 2004)

His goals for the coming year involve new releases on his label Bug Records, featuring new signings, one that seems to be grabbing a lot of attention is “Gabriella”. As ever there are new Ramsey & Fen tracks on the horizon and for the first time ever Fen in 2015 started releasing some of his own music on Bug Records and remixing for some major labels, which has been received with great feedback and getting plays all around the world. Collaborations with Kit Rice has also proved to be very successful, so keep an eye out in 2017 for some more hot new productions from them.

Fen wants to keep pushing UK house & Garage music in a positive direction and will do so through playing, producing & now also hosting a show on Mi-Soul Radio every week.





Genre: UKG/House & Garage/RnB/Raregroove
Sunshine Daze Pied Piper with Kofi B & Mr Buzzhard

Mr Buzzhard started his hosting career on the Reggae and Soul circuit before breaking into the garage scene, not only is he known for his unique hosting style but also as a DJ is his own right.

A cross genre DJ playing a diverse range of styles such as House & Garage, Deep House, 80's Soul/ R&B, Rare Groove, and Old Skool. Not only has he been the voice of raves and radio adverts, but also a favourite for leading artists providing personalised jingles, a household name at most leading Garage and Urban events, his performances at some of the biggest and best club nights such as ‘Numb Nums’, ‘Exposure’, Twice As Nice’, ‘Pure Old School’, ‘Back 2 95’, ‘Sunday Sessions’, WorldDance’, ‘Stush’ & ‘Bliss’ has lead him to not only being a successful UK artist but also established on the International circuit. His International events include ‘Dance Valley’ (Amsterdam), ‘Sweet’ (Munich) and other International countries such as north and south Cyprus as well as touring with MTV in many cities such as Germany, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Poland and many others.

Buzzhard is known for having a great rapport with any audience he works with; he has a unique ability for making any crowd feel important and most essentially entertained. Also Famous for his radio presenting which started on ‘London Underground 89.4FM, he soon became a radio host favourite and had additional guest shows and residencies with ‘Passion’, ‘Shine879’, ‘Centreforce’, ‘FreekFMLive’ and ‘Livefmuk’. Show that he is a well rounded and talented artist

Mr Buzzhard has joined forces with Worldclass management to extend and take his career to another level professionally. His future with the support of WCM consists of further events, production and various other projects. So watch this space....





Genre: DnB
Ash-A-Tack - Notting Hill Carnival 2011

Ash-A-Tack’s career as an international, leading DnB act has led a solid path, performing for nearly all-major DnB events and countries worldwide, consistently since the scene first started.

His career started at the early age of 15 originally playing Raregrooves and Lovers. His love for Drum & Bass began when he became resident at local boat and house parties. Ash’s longstanding career became more recognized at early day residencies for the infamous Moondance, Thunder & Joy, Telepathy and Rat Packs The Monday Club.

BM Soho (formerly known as Black Market Records) was the next big push for his career and becoming part of their collective allowed him to become more accessible to club promoters and clubbers.

Ash-A-Tack joined forces with and his show ‘Just On Track’ quickly became one of the stations leading, weekly shows. Home to his own, unique style and sound Bassdrive plays host to everything forthcoming from Ash-A-Tack every Thursday10-12am.

His first record label ‘Life Records’ was recognised worldwide for tracks such as 'First Limitations', 'You Don’t Try' & 'Don’t' with fellow production partner DJ Alibi. After feeling the industry was moving in a different direction, Ash took a big jump and found a new style and collection of new DnB artists that he wanted to push forward in the scene. He teamed up with partner DJ Damage to produce a new label, 'Directors Cut'.

Director’s Cut has taken the industry by storm, pioneering a brand new sound & direction in DnB. It is heavily supported by leading players; such as Jon B, Grooverider, Fabio, DBridge, A Sides, Ray Keith, Dr S Gachet, Donovan ‘Badboy’ Smith, Kenny Ken, Roni Size & DJ Bailey aswell as featuring in KMag, Beatport, Track It Down and ITunes.

DC has had a series of releases featuring Courtney Dennie, Explicit, Command Strange, Undercover Audio, Section, Audio Habitat, Jazzatron, Trex, Script & D Side but is home to its own residents, Alibi, Philbee, Kalm, LJHigh, Real Deal and of course his own production.

A series of DC label nights has already started featuring all the resident acts and is set to grow and develop as a leading brand, recognized worldwide.





GENRE: House & Garage / UKG

MC Creed has been firmly established in the house & garage industry since 1989/ 90’. He is part of the collective of founders of the UK garage industry and helped the progression of the ‘UKG’ scene become a commercially recognised genre, achieving no 1 chart success.

Creed along with Norris Da Boss Windross and Jason Kaye launched the famous ‘UKG Awards’ leading to a series of national tours, spreading the UK Garage vibe. As well as playing host to some of the biggest and best club nights, ‘Twice As Nice’, ‘Sun City’, ‘La Cosa Nostra’ and ‘Pure Silk’ to name but a few and yearly guest appearances in Ibiza & Ayia Napa

He was one of the first UKG artists to achieve chart success with ‘Good Rhymes’ & ‘We Are Da Click’ produced with fellow partners Pied Piper, Unknown MC, PSG & Valerie. The commercial success of these tunes set the way for UK Garage as a Worldwide recognised music genre and in turn lead to a catalogue of of highly successful mainstream and underground releases for Creed.

His diversity and distinctive voice has also led Creed to regular guest and presenting appearances on a diverse selection of TV shows with his acting debut in Julius Amadumes Award Winner Film ‘A Goats Tail’. And voice over commissions for ‘Ayia Napa Uncovered’, ‘Fantasy Island and ‘Flava’ Creed was not only the first UK Garage MC but also the voice of a movement.

Starting Vocal Fusion’ A specialist UK booking agency for MC's. Providing MC workshops and introducing up & coming artists to the industry with the Vocal Fusion competition albums,the winner of the first vocal fusion being Miss Dynamite.

Known for his senior youth work he heavily supports and contributes to several community projects. He works in partnership with local councils to deliver DJ & MC workshops, and the management of ‘Anti Knife & Gun’ workshops.