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WCM Welcomes Tamara to our roster

Worldclass are proud to welcome singer ‘Tamara Grey’ to our vocalist roster! After her massive success with ‘Heading My Way’ on Audio Rehab we take a minute to catch up with Tamara and find out a little bit more about her and what else she has been up to….

Welcome to WCM Tamara….

What inspires you to write?

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Eastern Electrics Event Review

We came off the A1 and arrived at the spectacular grounds of the legendary Knebworth Park. With its acres of luscious greenery; I was amazed at the views. It was an absolutely great location for a festival…

On arrival, the box office was very helpful as have all the staff been at EE. I could already feel the festival buzz and I couldn’t wait to get amongst it. Despite the rain that had fallen the night before the party people were coming through gates in abundance.

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Secret Garden Party Event Review

The moment you arrive at the gates of The Secret Garden Party you are welcomed into a world of creativity and unadulterated imagination. “Find a penny pick it up – all day long you’ll have good luck!” the girl manning the gate said to me as she took a penny from her costume and it landed by my feet, reminding me that the theme for 2013 was Superstition.

The Secret Garden Party is set in the scenic Cambridgeshire countryside in Abbott’s Ripon. Located in the grounds of a Georgian House this landscape is a beautiful and enchanting setting for a festival. By day you can head to the lake which offers a cool place to swim, giving welcome respite to the midday sun, row a boat or check out the huge piece of art constructed in the centre. By night explore Artful Badger Woods or take a walk into the Labyrinth to discover a hidden party packed with disco balls and lasers.

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WCM New Events Team

This month we welcome our brand new event team to WCM….

WCM will be attending a series of events Worldwide and bringing you the latest event reviews keeping you updated with what events are hot or not….

We welcome our carefully selected team of event press reviewers!

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WCM welcomes Mikee B to our roster!!

Hello Mikee B….. Welcome to the WCM Roster!!

As we all know you are very well established for your earlier contribution to ‘Top Buzz’ and now the famous ‘Dreem Teem’ how long now have you guys been working together?

Myself, Spoony & Timmi Magic have been together as a team since 1996 and have worked together ever since.

The Dreem Team have been very heavily involved with various radio stations in the past can you give us a little insight into what stations you have worked and how the Dreem Teem buzz started?

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WCM Welcomes Deejay S to our Roster

Welcome to WCM Deejay S…….

Along with your DJ’ing you are also known for your contribution to the UKG Scene through ‘Pure Silk’ which is undoubtedly one of the best promotions we have seen in the industry. Do you have any further plans to continue with this brand?

Possibly , times have changed now and It became very successful with mainstream success and i am proud of what i achieved along with the guys I worked with . we started out in 96 and we never looked back . You never know watch this space. I have now started a Brand called House of Silk which is more underground house , I had a great time doing Pure Silk and enjoyed every minute of it .

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WCM Welcomes Ramsey & Fen To Our Roster….

Welcome to WCM Ramsey & Fen….

Firstly, we have heard on the grapevine that Ramsey & Fen are working on a new album can you tell us a little more about this?

We are in the middle of this now and we are not pigeon holing it uk garage this is just good quality house and garage freshness 🙂

After the success of ‘London Underground’ would you consider running another radio station?

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WCM Welcomes MC Vapour to our Roster

Hello Vapour welcome to WCM……..

You are originally established from your track ‘Move Your Body’ in the UKG scene how did that track come about?

When my old friend DJ Amusement, who bought the legendary Force FM to the UK airwaves introduced me to his long term friend Mark Ryder, as a way of me having a stepping stone into the scene. I was looking for a way to channel myself and Ryder was looking for fresh talent to work with, so the situation was ideal for all involved.

What lead you to start writing Grime/Hip Hop?

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New Year Message & Free Gift From All At Proximity Recordings….

Happy New Year everybody! Wow, what a year 2012 was for us! Thank you for making it one to remember and to everyone who has helped us along on the way. We would like to kick off 2013 with a freebee track from Mtwn & The Deadbeets! Enjoy – From all at Proximity 🙂