WCM Welcomes MC Vapour to our Roster

Hello Vapour welcome to WCM……..

You are originally established from your track ‘Move Your Body’ in the UKG scene how did that track come about?

When my old friend DJ Amusement, who bought the legendary Force FM to the UK airwaves introduced me to his long term friend Mark Ryder, as a way of me having a stepping stone into the scene. I was looking for a way to channel myself and Ryder was looking for fresh talent to work with, so the situation was ideal for all involved.

What lead you to start writing Grime/Hip Hop?

The fact that im a lyricist means i need room to say whats on my mind and sometimes felt that garage music didnt leave room for that, the UKG genre is more for hosting, if an mc is necessary at all, so although i made my name in garage, it was never meant to be a genre i was tied to, from the start. Garage, for me, was just the introduction.

You now have 3 albums to date, what has been the inspiration behind your latest album ‘Two Eyes in Britain’?

Every album ive released has been an improvement on the previous one. Im always progressing and learning so my music is always getting better, the latest release was a collection of the music ive made with artists and close friends that i rate, of which most of the tracks are based around my own views, so are the perception of me, who happens to be ‘two eyes in britain’… Luckily and metaphorically the name “BRiTAiN” also has 2 letter i’s in it, so i highlighted that and used the title metaphorically too so it all makes sense in more ways than one. All my album titles make sense metaphorically, they all have double meanings and are a play on words.

Your albums are all produced and engineered by yourself how did you gain skills as an engineer?

I started makin beats on other peoples computers in 2003, over time i stopped relying on other people and aquired my own equipment and gradually taught myself by watching and using my own musical ear and common sense. My album V=MCs SCARED was the first project of mine that consisted of 90% my own work. Even since then i have come far with my sound engineering and my newest album is 100% my own work and my best work yet. I am now producing and engineering for many artists other than myself who are recognising and liking my sound.

Is there anyone out there you would like to do a future collaboration with?

Yep. Phil Collins.

Can we expect a UKG 2013 new live performance/release soon?

Yes lots, im makin tracks with K-Warren, Scott Garcia and Sticky, DJ Narrows, Monsterboy and Denzi.,., watch this space!

And finally…. how did you hook up with WCM?

The legendary UKG Godfather that they call MC CREED. Been a great friend of mine for years, and highly recommended your services to me. Its that simple!