WCM welcomes Mikee B to our roster!!

Hello Mikee B….. Welcome to the WCM Roster!!

As we all know you are very well established for your earlier contribution to ‘Top Buzz’ and now the famous ‘Dreem Teem’ how long now have you guys been working together?

Myself, Spoony & Timmi Magic have been together as a team since 1996 and have worked together ever since.

The Dreem Team have been very heavily involved with various radio stations in the past can you give us a little insight into what stations you have worked and how the Dreem Teem buzz started?

I met Spoony & Timmi whilst on London Underground pirate station, they had their own shows at the time, it was approx 1995/96. I had a radio show called the ‘Community Show’ which I did with my dj partner at the time Jason Kaye. It was during this time that, surprisingly, Jason decided to quit our alliance and join up with Mad P, my Mc prior to Top Buzz and with Top Buzz. During this time myself, Spoony & Timmi started hanging out, realised we were all very compatible. In 96 we officially got together as the DREEM TEEM. We had a couple years on KISS FM in the Steve Jackson/Streetboy era. Got offered a DREEM TEEM show on GALAXY which was syndicated around certain parts of the UK. During this time Radio 1 had been head hunting us, keeping an eye on us as potential presenters for their mid morning breakfast show, to take over from Jamie Theakston. So they offered us the post, originally for one year, but it ended up being 2 shows lasting nearly 4 years, Sunday Mornings 10am-1pm & a specialist UKG/HOUSE show Sunday nite/Monday morning 1am/3am. I think Our natural comical banter gravitated the listeners to us and so the DREEM TEEM buzz started to snowball.

We are also aware that you play various styles of music can you tell us what genres you are currently working with and what got you into the garage scene?

Currently I play UK House & Garage from 1994 to 2002 The real UKG era, UK Funky house. I also play a combination of: Deep House, Funky Soulful House, Old Skool House, I also play hardcore and old skool dnb as Top Buzz at events.
I got into the Garage scene because it was a vibrant music scene and it was fresh. The music was exciting and I loved finding the latest tracks to play to the hungry ravers of that era, they were like sponges, they just soaked up the music, for me this was exciting, I knew I had to come with fresh tunes every week and it would be a chance to make a statement as a DJ.

You currently have a regular show with Ministry Of Sound, when can we catch you on there?

Our DREEM TEEM Show on Ministry of Sound radio is part of the Essential Garage shows, we do a monthly show usually aired the first Monday of each month between 9pm-10pm.

Do you have any future plans to make any more tunes?

I have’nt got any plans to get back in the studio, but you can never dispel the possibility.

Anything else we should know about?

Err, nothing that I can think of.

Finally, how did you hook up with WCM?

I met Helen WCM at ‘Land Of The Legends’ at Hidden, we spoke after my set and I was informed that Helen was management for Mc Creed, Pied Piper etc. Creed had put my name forward as a possible DJ for the roster. Arranged a meet with Helen, we had a convo and I think we got on well. Here I am… Thanks to Mc Creed for the recommendation & to Helen WCM for the invite!

So there we have it! A little update from the Dreem Teem man himself Mr Mikee B.

Mikee has also given us a brand new mix for us to listen to we hope you enjoy it!!

Mikee B – UKG Mix 2013 by Wcmuk on Mixcloud