WCM Welcomes Deejay S to our Roster

Welcome to WCM Deejay S…….

Along with your DJ’ing you are also known for your contribution to the UKG Scene through ‘Pure Silk’ which is undoubtedly one of the best promotions we have seen in the industry. Do you have any further plans to continue with this brand?

Possibly , times have changed now and It became very successful with mainstream success and i am proud of what i achieved along with the guys I worked with . we started out in 96 and we never looked back . You never know watch this space. I have now started a Brand called House of Silk which is more underground house , I had a great time doing Pure Silk and enjoyed every minute of it .

Is your new promotion ‘House Of Silk’ a similar concept to the original ‘Pure Silk’ & what is the ethos behind it?

Yes it is , the ethos is to take it back to being underground as things became very commercial with Garage , to allow music that is out there which sounds garagey but is house and for today’s generation of Clubbers to be able have their own brand rather than having to rave to a old skool brand

What made you decide to launch ‘House Of Silk’?

The scene needs something new and something they can relate to when it comes to me, alot of people call me silk , and it is very housey in today’s clubland , and I love house , so I needed a new concept .. so up came the idea House of Silk, its very catchy and certainly relates to my past, and in my house anything goes .

Do you have future plans for producing tracks of your own?

In the studio at the moment with a old house producer and we have made several beats , producing is definitely the way forward for today’s type of DJ, and i am so excited with some of the production we are coming up with.. “WATCH THIS SPACE”

Do you have any new acts that you will be pushing through your new brand?

Loads of new talented acts out there and yes i will be pushing new djs etc like I always have done and also any acts that will be signed to House of Silk will be pushed through the club nights ! A bit similar to what i did with Pure Silk

When we see the launch of House of Silk the record label?

House of Silk Recordings will be launched by the summer of this year 2013; It will be diverse type of House Label, which will concentrate on the House that sounds like Garage and the Garage that sound like House

Finally… how and why did you hook up with WCM?

WCM are a management company that my close friend and someone I have heavily worked with currently and over the years, MC CREED. I needed someone to take care of what I am doing and he recommended that i am placed on the roster of great artists and I have had dealings with Helen who runs WCM and found her organisation very professional and very pleasant to deal with.