WCM Welcomes DJ Sega To Our International Roster

WCM already has an impressive international roster but this month we welcome Cyrpus’s very own DJ Sega to our international roster. Already, smashing up the club circuit in Cyprus we are proud to introduce DJ Sega to the UK scene!

Welcome to WCM Sega ….

Can you tell us a little bit about your musical background and how your career began?

I grew up listening to jungle and D&B so thats why these genres will always be involved in my productions no matter how versitile I go with my projects. But I produce and play a variety of genres, suchs like : D&B, Dubstep, Grime, Trap, Deep House, UKG (always), HipHop, moombathon and more.

My career began when I first went to my mates house and meet the first pair of technich 1210’s there when I was 13. Then I knew what I wanted to be in the future. And here I am now still developing and working hard to be where I wanna be.

Who have been influences musically?

My influences have been Shy FX, Andy C, Future Prophets, Brooks Brothers, Delta heavy, Disclosure, Eats Everything, DJ Q.

What music genres are you currently working in and why?

Currently I am working on Deep House, Hip Hop, Trap and D&B genres. The reason why is because I play all these genres when I’m DJing and as I play tunes from all these genres in my sets, I acknowledge the basics elements, and how the tune is produced. So I improve my productions skills not only when I’m producing but also when I’m DJjing .

How is the current music scene in Cyprus and what’s hot out there at the moment?

Currently the music scene in Cyprus is really good. Alot of genres are being played in clubs, from Trap to Deep House, from Hip Hop to commercial Chart hits. But in Cyprus, the hotest scene has always been what’s hot on Top 40 UK Charts. So there aint really a hot hot hot music genre which everyone is throwing them selves into the raves for.

How does international scene work with regard to knowing tunes to play?

International scene, TOP 40 UK or US charts wise is working out really well. But me and DJs like myself based in Cyprus, try and play all the latest sounds from some of the underground genres and urban genres on our radio shows to give people a taste of whats hot overseas and what people are listening to at the moment and we do get a nice response back most of the time which is pretty good and makes us feel like we are doing something good.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your own production and what you are currently working on?

Well, like I said earlier, I am working on a few different genres at the moment and these include a few frojects from Deep House, to D&B and two Hip-Hop tracks. I try to be as versitile as possible on my productions just like I do on my sets when out there DJing. Doing my work this way has opened up too many doors to me and I have benefitted from it a lot and I can not deny it.

What can we see coming from you in the near future?

Well, I am currently working with a big in the industry who has been the “FIRST GARAGE MC” on the scene so I think you know who I’m talking about 😉 . Besides this, I have bags of new tracks coming from all the genres I have mentioned above also not forgetting my new Single “On Your Mind” I have recently released on Bad Habit Records. And it’s doing well sales wise so things are looking good really.

And finally how did you hook up with WCM and what made them your choice in future management?

I have been hooked up with WCM through one of my older brothers legendary “MC CREED”. The man himself helped me out and hooked me up with you guys. What made WCM my choice is the great management services you provide to your artists and WCM being established for a long time with massive experiences in the industry and with a great team thats taking part in the company it self.

Sega has provided WCM with a exclusive mix to showcase his DJ skills, infused with some of his forthcoming material. Enjoy…!!