Deadleft Spirit United Battle US vs UK Event Review USA

The weekend just before Halloween 2013 was full of great events to attend in Brooklyn, NY; but nothing else would compare to great liquid Drum & Bass talent brought in from near and far – And for those of us living in the states I do mean far. Representing Drum & Bass from the United Kingdom: Furney, Technimatic [Komatic and Thechnicolour] and Mr. Joseph travelled from across the pond to be a part of this masquerade battle. Only Raw Q, Place 42 & T.R.A.C. were playing in their hometown of New York; the rest of the talent came from Florida, the Midwest and the beautiful West Coast of California.

Although I knew this event was a battle, I’d like to have considered it more of a ‘friendly’-like those crazed football [Soccer] fans enjoy every so often. The night was filled with great bass vibes and costume adorned attendees. It was a great experience as host, to be able to sing and emcee as I saw fit and then join the crowd for a dance and a good laugh. I had the pleasure of hosting the event alongside one of America’s favorite Drum & Bass representatives: MC Questionmark; as well as the well-respected emcee of New York: T.R.A.C. Like MC Questionmark, I was born in the UK, but have lived and grown on both sides of the planet. As much as we know that the United Kingdom is our birthplace, as well as the birthplace of Drum & Bass as a whole, we’ve worked hard to keep the music alive and active in the States. It was a wonderful feeling to represent and have a vocal mix of America’s three main shores: The East Coast, West Coast, and the Southern shores of Florida.

The DJ’s and producers of the night clearly had themselves a “good old time” as each one of them threw down a unique and vibrant set. They made sure to leave the crowd wanting more and more! Showcasing a mix of original tunes, label material and other drum & bass gems, each DJ made sure they held their own and represented their style and hometown to the fullest. Brooklyn Radio was also in the house, conducting interviews with the DJ’s who battled throughout the night.

A costume contest added to the ‘battles’ that would take place that night and one lucky winner, Courtney Averitt, won $250! Her black and white costume, with its many masked faces, floated and danced eerily in the center of the audience from start to finish. Photographed by the ever so lovely Jeannine of crazy costumes, funny moments, laser-lit stage scenes and much more were shot and documented. The night was special and everyone felt it all thanks to Deadleft’s: Charlie & Mike, who put it together for us to enjoy. As for who won the USA vs UK battle? I’ve no clue, but then again, I don’t think it mattered. What mattered was the fact that everyone from far and wide came together, and united, to enjoy the still very much alive and very important musical form we love and know as Drum & Bass.

* Sopheye Sofly- US Review Team