Ruby Rae’s Eastern Electrics 2014 Event Review

Eastern Electrics first started in 2007 and I’ve been stomping the yard for last two years. Hatfield House played host to EE this year and the lineup was as explosive as expected!

Within the first few minutes of arrival you just couldn’t help yourself but to start cutting shapes, beats and baselines were coming at ya, confused at times on which direction to go. The decorations breath taking, so much attention to detail by EE, it was truly amazing.

In the ‘Art Of Dark’ tent ‘Dyed Soundorom’ smashed it!  I couldn’t stay in that tent for too long, is was so packed and was way too hot but the ravers were getting down to his BOOMIN set. What a fantastic turn out, atmosphere and some really cool festival outfits. 

‘Red Bull Studio Live’ was a fantastic idea, numerous live acts performing what a touch. We listened to ‘Ali Love’ performing ‘Different Morals’, it was wicked. T Williams, gave it some on the decks and Redinho also performed. The system in there was outstanding and the sound was incredible. I think Red Bull has to have been one of my biggest, highlights of the day. 

The fairground attractions were a massive hit. I even went on one of the rides and that gave me a birds eye view of the event whilst spinning in the air (mental) it was spectacular to see the fresh air ravers having a blast also seeing the layout of the event and how lovely the grounds were. ‘Alice in Acidland’ hosted by Kubicle VIP Arena had a bit more of a chilled out vibe although, the DJs were banging ‘em out. Rinse had a massive tent, we passed through and caught a little bit of Route 94 smashing it on our travels.

‘Mulletover Switchyard’ was mental! The vibe in there was electric and everyone was seriously enjoying themselves. ‘Tini’ had the crowd eating out the palm of her hands, I was getting down and when I stopped for a moment to take a look behind me and saw the masses of people, I was blown away. 

The eight stages covered impressive sounds of top DJs playing some serious deep, minimal tech house music. The main stage had the likes of ‘Art Department’ who bought a dark tech vibe which had the festival goers buzzing. The legendary ‘Kerri Chandler’ played a remarkable set and had that main stage going in a frenzy! These guys were the other highlights of my day.

The night time was magical, the staging and special little touches seen throughout the festival made it so unique. I loved the set up, the whole industrial and electrical look EE had it was cool.  

Well done EE for a great festival, polite & friendly staff, great attention to detail and an incredible line up in every arena.

* Ruby Rae – Head Of Event Reviews (UK)