Cadence Washington DC Event Review

Although I’ve lived in the USA most of my life, this one particular experience marked my first time exploring the nation’s capital by day and wilding out to some great drum & bass flavors by night-all thanks to a few great people. It’s really good to know that drum & bass is still very much alive and well in the US. DJ’s Illogic and Vanniety Kills play hosts to a monthly event called Cadence: a night dedicated to Drum & Bass and other underground vibes. Flash is the venue that hosts this monthly night and is a located in the northeast side of DC. It’s got quite the lounge feel and you don’t have to get very dressed up to go (though you are more than welcome to if you feel like it!) The best part about the venue is the Funktion-One sound system. It’s absolutely on point and BUMPS!

While vacationing in Virginia, Will Miles told me about the event in DC and invited me to emcee for him and fellow DJ/Producer Kjell. Both Will Miles and Kjell are Virginia based DJs/Producers, collectively known as Style Control. They’ve had releases on Creative Source, Innerground, Miles A Head and Architecture. On this particular night these two talented men were opening for the legendary DJ Marky. If anyone knows drum & bass, they most certainly know who DJ Marky is! Hailing from Brazil and representing Innerground Records, Marky came through and played a superb set filled with heavy bass lines and delightfully melodic jams. The dance floor was packed and the crowd danced the whole night through. Not only did I emcee and do my freestyle thing for Will Miles and Kjell, but I also held down the mic for Marky’s set. It was an amazing experience to say the least. I felt honored to play alongside such talented people and vocalize for such a wonderfully responsive crowd. I could feel the energy surging from everyone as the beats dropped. Marky was having such a good time spinning it seemed as though he would never stop. We all eventually got kicked out as the venue wanted to close for the night. Everyone fought for that “ONE LAST TUNE!” until the time came where we did as we were told and ended the night on a positive and happy note.

Flash is a venue that is two floors of music and booze. The atmosphere is very warm and friendly. Cadence is 21+ and runs from 8pm-2am once a month upstairs. Downstairs normally features Turntablism, Bass, Hip hop and practically whatever genre the dj booked feels like playing. This time the talent booked included: DJ Oso Fresh repping One Love Massive and DC Vinyl Headz, Jey One from Scratch Mechanics and Refugee representing Deep Sessions, 88DC, EXBC, Bump ‘n Grind and All Around Soundclash.

All in all the night was a huge success and I am very pleased to know I was a part of it. The positive energy was vibrant and inspiring. I made my way home after the event with a big smile on my face and a warm feeling of satisfaction in my heart. Here’s to everyone keeping drum & bass alive in the USA!

* Sopheye – USA Event Review Team