terms & conditions
Standard Terms

1. This contract constitutes a complete and binding agreement between the above promoter and the artist(s) agent who acts only as an agent and assumes no responsibility between the promoter and the artist(s).
2. Under no circumstances must any recordings of the above artist be recorded without the artist’s permission.
3. In case of breach of this contract by the promoter, the promoter agrees to pay the full amount stated in the performance agreement as mitigated damages, plus reasonable legal fees, court costs, and legal interest.
4. The promoter agrees to be responsible for harm, loss, or damage of any kind to the artist(s) person or property while located at the place of performance.
5. Any persons accepting terms and conditions for the promoter of this agreement and the promotion agree to be personally, jointly, and severally liable for the terms of this contract.
6. The Artist is hereby relieved of any liability if unable to meet the responsibilities of this contract because of any Act of God, riots, epidemics, strikes, any act or order of public authority or any other legitimate cause beyond their control.
7. If for any reason this contract is cancelled by the artist or a change of date is required by the artist for any reason other than an Act of God, then the Artist agrees to reimburse the promoter with any payments made minus our standard 15% administration costs.
8. Specified or agreed performance times may be subject to change according to additional performances at other venues. This is not a breach of the artist’s obligations under this agreement and all times will be reasonably tried to be adhered to.
9. Our standard DJ / MC set times and price quotes are for a standard 60-minute performance unless otherwise agreed by the agent.
10. The artist may request up to 4 guests for club events and a minimum of 6 for festival performances.
11. Artist riders may be subject to change.
12. Should any artist not be Covid vaccinated or be able to provide proof of PCR testing this does not constitute a material breach of contract.
13.  Any bookings of the agreed artist from the date of this agreement must be booked via Worldclass Management for 12 months from the date of signature of this agreement.

Cancellations & Deposit

1. This agreement must be accepted and agreed upon before using the artist(s) name on any printed or promotional material and any artwork must be approved by the management before going to print or used online. Artists are not obligated to do social media posts these are subject to choice.
2. All deposits must be received before any printed or promotional material is used with the artist’s name appearing on/in it.
3. In the event of any cancellation at any time all deposits are non-refundable. In the event of any cancellation taking place 14 days before the event the full artist fee is payable by the promoter; this is to cover any loss of earnings the artist may have accrued.
5. Any small festivals or events of a capacity of 1500 or more should have comprehensive event insurance covering any cancellation fees. Full fees are still payable in the event of a cancellation beyond the promotion’s control and date changes are not acceptable due to these circumstances.

International & Additional Terms

1. The promoter/promotion is fully responsible for all travel costs, including preferred means of transport, accommodation, luggage costs and travel to and from the departure and arrival place of travel.
2. It is the promoter/promotion’s responsibility to provide adequate food and refreshments for the duration of the stay. If this is not possible the artist is to be given at least the equivalent to £30 UK pounds for food and refreshments.
3. The promotion/promoter agrees to provide ground transport to and from the performance venue.
4. It is the promoter/promotion’s responsibility to provide overnight accommodation to a 4* standard if requested by the artist.

Technical Specification

DJs / Hosts:

The promoter must ensure all equipment is fit for its purpose, and that no part of the performance is likely to be a danger to the DJ or any other person/s.
1. Pioneer Nexus 900 Mixer or equivalent
2. Two Pioneer CDJ 2000s and above and must be USB-compatible
3. Fully working monitors not connected to the mic output.
4. Cordless Microphone to an SM58 (or above) industry standard or above
5. For all MCs or hosting performances we must be notified if another artist will be accompanying the artist during their performance. We reserve the right to only permit one additional artist throughout any vocal performance.

* Please note tech specs may be subject to change according to artist specifications.