Genre: Afro House / Amapiano

LushKells’ established singer/songwriter from East London, Hackney. Crafting lyrics that are inspired by her emotional evolution and growth of those around her.

Influences stem from being a lead singer singing in the Youth Gospel Choir SFE, training on the piano in Classical Grade 9 & being a part of the Hackney Youth Orchestra, woodwind section, on the Oboe.

With original creativity and drive for music, LushKells proudly released her 1st independent EP project ‘Make It Your Own’ in May 2018.

Teaming up with the likes of D.Tee In De Party in the summer of 2018, saw the release of ‘Let the Music’ December 2018 & ‘King and Queen’ November 2019.

 With the success of the King & Queen project, ‘King & Queen’ LushKells ft DJ Supa D & Mr Taffa, signed to Sony, Columbia UK, October 2020.

 LushKells followed suit, again teaming up with D.Tee In De Party, DJ Supa D & Mr Taffa with her latest Ama-Piano vibe ‘As You Do’, released September 2021.