DJ Supa D
Genre: Afro House / Amapiano

Supa D | Pioneer | The Originals festival 24.07.2021

Original’ by name ‘Original’ by nature, DJ Supa D is without a doubt one, if not the leading figure in the UK Afro House /Amapiano movement in the UK. 

Crowned, not only by his achievement this year as the best DJ at the UK Entertainment Awards but, equally recognised by the Guardian Newspaper & the Evening Standard as one of the most exciting artists of 2021. 

One of the most prestigious DJs on the circuit, and recognised worldwide for his endless internationally performances and, mixes for major compilations ‘Timeless Anthems,’ on Jetstar records ‘Rinse FM’, & ’Ministry Of Sound’.

HouSupa Records, his brainchild, his baby, is without a doubt one of the most exciting, ground-breaking record labels for 21/22, laying the foundation…. the birth for what he sees as the future and the platform for up and coming artists and the way forward for the underground UK dance music industry.

Already, paving the way with the signing of his remix of King & Queen with fellow colleagues Mr Taffa & Lush Kells; too Sony which has shone light on the commercial viability of the Afrohouse & Amapiano movement.

Also, as a promoter, selling out promotions in record times such as Originals, House Warming, Afrotized plus cementing the foundations with fellow friend, colleague & soul partner in music, DJ Pioneer with SOTU Recordings & partner Coldsteps with their outstanding live performances & regular guest appearances on Kiss FM & 1Xtra, embracing the pandemic with ground-breaking live streams.

Very much in the background, is the Hackney 16-year-old working boy, working in a record shop, learning his art from Jungle & Garage; he is truly a worldwide inspirational artist, a creator, paving the way for a new generation.