London based Basher is one of the industries new breeds, rapidly building his status among the most technically advanced producers to hit the scene in recent years. With demand from the industries top dog Andy.C to come up with new material for Ram Records and Frequency, Basher is always ahead of the game. . Nu Urban Distribution call his tracks ‘floor packers’ and his DJ skills are second to none being booked on a worldwide scale.

His tracks are described as an ‘Essential Purchase’ and have been getting consistent air play on the worlds premier radio stations. No wonder Basher tours have been popping up all over South America, Europe, Russia and main room bookings across the U.K. It is now tried and tested that this artist belongs on the main stage and is here to stay. Don’t think this just came about over night as Basher has been perfecting his sound for a over decade. With his roots firmly grounded in London he took to the studio with the intention to jump-start his music career on a more professional level. With quality advice from respected DJ’s he held back his sound in the depth of his studio until he was confident he was ready to start sending his tracks to major record labels.Now with remixes of legendary artists and an exclusive contract with the number one drum and bass record label Ram Records, you world have thought his ambitions were fulfilled. But don’t be fooled. There are many bigger and better things to come from this talented artist.