Genre: DnB/Electro Country: Canada

The Journey began for Drew Whittington (Better known as "Target") around the early age of 13 when he was introduced to the sound of industrial music.  Listening to groups like Sisters of Mercy, PWEI, Ministry, Front Line Assembly and Skinny Puppy.  He found that the sound of music had a deeper meaning and carried out experimenting with instruments such as the Guitar, Drums, Keyboards & eventually the Turntables which started it all.

Purchasing his first set of turntables at the age of 17, Target found something that he didn't need others to contribute with and could do solely on his own.  Drums, Vocals and sounds all on the wheels of steel.  He followed the art of turntablism,sampling, cutting and scratching.  Once his hand control and turntablism was ready, he ventured off into other music that could be mixed with on the turntables and found drum & bass fell right into place . 

Not too far after moving to Hamilton, Target had landed himself a job at, local Record Shop "Dr Disc".  Doing ordering threw the infamous "Fully Loaded Distribution" had met all the main heads circulating the musician Ontario all throughout Canada.  Target soon formed a group of talent locally with Co-Founder Enemee Emcee and ran the Jungle / Drum & Bass scene here from clubs ‘Fever’ & ‘Home Nightclub’ bringing talent from all over the World.

The production aspects of Target's passion for drum & Bass came very soon after the DJing had begun, feeling the need to jump inside the belly of the beast and tell his musical story.  Not too long after meeting up with DJ / Producer Devize, Target started up his imprint ‘Broken Recordings‘ which sold out in its first week of sales featuring Devize & Three A's "Wrong Answer" and Target's "Relapse".  Both  tracks featured on 3D Mode's Mix CD "Under The Counter - Mixed by DJ Hazard.  DJing the circuit at this point, Target met up with DJ Sumo and recorded "Last Man Standing" which was released on Fatman D's "Biological Beats" imprint along with Target's own "The Lights" which had its rounds across the circuit on a worldwide scale. "Stop The Clock" & "Beautiful You", earned him his first invitation to perform in Europe.

The following year, after a long studio break, Target had re-connected with DJ/Producer Ruffstuff,  label manager for V Recordings sister label "Chronic" and took interest into Target's track "Heavy Duty" which soon became a dancefloor anthem, being played by just about everyone in the circuit.  Heavy Duty found itself on the "Big, Bad & Heavy EP Vol 1" and the "Big, Bad & Heavy Vol 1 Mix 2CD Mix LP". 

Target's level of production had been really showing in his depth of sounds and moods making hundreds of songs all relating to his moods all of which getting Support from DJ's Grooverider, Ruffstuff, Kenny Ken, Ash-A-Tack, Profile, Bryan Gee, TC, Cabbie, Capital J, Nicol, Mickey Finn and the list goes on.  Currently, Target has released a RMX on Elektro House label "Nu Industry Recordings" of Jon E Industry Feat. Whiskey Pete - The Real G's that came out on "The Real G's EP" & has 2 tracks on the "Dimensions of Sound LP" on imprint "Fixation Recordings" that is due out later in the year.  Tracks entitled "Eardrops" & "Saliva" which was done with artist Ruthless.  As the day’s move forward, sound is always moving and as time moves forward so is Target.  Keep your eyes & ears on this Sound Creator as his story continues and tells it threw each song he makes.