Genre: DnB/Dubstep Country: UK


DJ Kit WCM Mix by Wcmuk on Mixcloud


Music and audio obsessed Kit first a fanatic of Hip Hop, House Garage, Rare Groove and Reggae. A dose of Rock & Roll and Blues music was chucked into the mix for good measure courtesy of his parents. Snapping up a love for DJ'ing, Kit purchased a set of decks when he was 16 and started to spin at parties and festivals organised by a local youth club. It was here that he met more like minded people and his education in club culture started, as he attended lessons at Camden Palace, The End, Bagleys, Fabric plus many more, having gained this new found love and DJ'ing in almost every corner of London as well as cities such as Bournemouth, Manchester and Southampton to name a few, production was a natural progression. The years that followed saw Kit churn out a discography of remixes and originals that have since made their way into the Official Drum & Bass Arena charts and onto BBC Radio playlists!


Not one to aim his ambitions down just one avenue, Kit has used his knowledge from the past years to successfully set up Proximity Recordings with his friend Basher. Focusing the label on the more deeper and darker realms of Drum & Bass, the pair have taken the imprint to new territories far and wide. With a healthy roster of artists, monthly parties from the UK to Europe plus a dedicated release schedule, Kit has now established himself as label manager at Proximity and is constantly busy making it all visually come together! He still continues to DJ regularly and to push himself to new limits in the studio, so expect to hear more from this guy very soon!