Lady Spirit

Genre: House Country: UK

Her Music collection ranges from 1988-89 (better known to the underground scene as the summer of love) to the present day. She started her career at warehouse parties and the underground circuit of Clubs and Pirate radio her professional Club DJ Career commenced with Spirit of the Jungle alongside DJ Rap and DJ Ashatack.

When Drum and bass became less musical she progressed to playing more soulful House and Garage (back to her roots again!) Lady Spirit has made several guest appearances on Radio 1 & Kiss 100 and also had guested on several shows had residencies on numerous radio stations, soon becoming a household name and firmly at the forefront of the UK garage scene. It wasn’t long before her mixing abilities and success as a female music producer lead to a phenomenal amount of bookings and residencies at a host of club nights including Cookies and Cream, Pure Silk and Masquerade

Lady Spirit was responsible for the massive remix of Public Demand/Lenny Fontanas smash hit 'Spirit of the Sun' (Shine On) and she had a huge catalogue of her own garage productions while on the circuit, not only impressing industry professionals but also the many crowds that saw her perform. ‘Sugar Free’ another UK smasher was another huge hit and is still one of the most played UK Garage anthems to date, and was used in the UK Movie Goodbye Charlie Bright. Not only has her DJ'ing ability & production skills made her stand out in a very male dominated industry it also lead to a massive Worldwide Tour, She was voted the UKs Best Female Club DJ at the UK Sidewinder Garage Awards, she continues to thrill audiences up and down the country

Lady Spirit is still continuing her journey as a top DJ/Producer and she is currently specialising in Funky/Electro/Commercial House and Dance music