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Genre: DnB

Born in Liverpool, DJ Alibi started out in music at the age of 15, on the mic as an MC together with 3 close friends in a group called DBD (Def before dishonour), heavily influenced by Hip-Hop and after meeting Roughcut a UK DMC competitor, the fascination of production began he started making tracks as the group DBD”. becoming friends with a guy who worked at the Sanctuary, in Milton Keynes, which played host to all of the biggest Raves at that time. “I remember going to a Dreamscape rave in 1992, with my mate Warren who was working on production and thinking .....Wow!, the production in the venue, the people raving and the sound was amazing, infact at that time there was no environmental health sound limit and the system was two walls of speakers 15 feet high- I had a ringing in my ears for a week”. That night at the Sanctuary was where Alibi first heard Jungle being played in that type of arena and was instantly hooked with the whole thing. He bought his first set of Decks and started buying tunes locally and then once a week down to London, to Unity records, Blackmarket or Camden Market to buy his selection.

At 18, Alibi started DJ’ing at local clubs and a short time later together with his partner Mark they launched their own record shop ‘Vibe Records’ in Bletchley, Milton Keynes. Being in the shop, Alibi met a number of DJ’s and promoters and started to get booked to play at bigger club events and festivals and soon started guesting on pirate radio stations in London ‘Raw’, ‘Rude’ and ‘Rude Awakening’.Alibi’s love for production was also growing and during a visit to Music House in London where He was cutting a dubplate for ‘The Don’ produced with local producer Leo he met DJ Ash-A-Tack and DJ Cabbie in the waiting area, “Ash asked me if it was my tune and whether he could cut a dub of it, obviously I was pleased it must have stood out to him” From that day Alibi was to become close friends to Ash & ‘Life Records’ owner Helen who helped Alibi to take production more seriously. He then met some talented producers from Aylesbury and formed the label ‘Foundation Records’ of which ‘The Don’ was the first release,‘The Don’ took the industry by storm and was heavily supported by the leading dnb DJ’s and was a massive hit on the dancefloor. After the huge success of ‘The Don’ Alibi became part of ‘Life Records’ team and together with Ash-A-Tack a series of successful releases followed “First Limitations” and “You don’t try” recorded with vocal artist called Emma Ideh were massive hits. There was also a series of other productions including ‘Basketball’ with DJ Cabbie which was a massive industry favourite.

His most recent release “Memories EP” released by his exclusive resident label ‘Directors Cut' was his last release to date and Alibi has been hard at work with Courtney Dennie on his forthcoming album 'Artistic License'. He has remained focused and determined to push his own style with his new home Directors Cut. Alibi is ready to take full advantage of having his independence as a artist and exclusive music outlet with WCM & DC and the launch of the long awaited DJ Alibi catalogue; he has been heavy underground preparing a string of releases which will be sure to take the industry by storm.